What led me out of Good News MIssion

So after being apart of the Good News in Korea for about two months, I decided to return from Korea. During this time, I studied the Bible a lot on my own, pretty much daily. I learned so much. I also would listen to Pastor Park’s sermons every week.

I did this from about November until about the time I decided to go to the church I went to. When I decided to go there they invited us to many of the conferences such as the one in New York that Ock Soo Park does two times a year.

It was around this time that I lost my job and the area that we lived in was really bad on the economy. The Pastor gave us the option to come and stay with a church family and look for work. So we moved to this area, with this intent.

However, as soon as we got there, the pastor said he wanted me to try the mission training or whatever it was with the missionaries. This caught me off guard some, but I listened to him. He said that either God would lead me one of two paths:

1. Down the road of becoming a missionary/pastor. In which case then this training would help me decide. If that was the path then I should go to the Mission school in New York, Mahanaim.
2. The Spiritual life path. This is for those in the church whom do not go into full time ministry.
So he said to try out their program for a few months. Looking back, I don’t think I would have had an option. I think they wanted me and my friends to all go and become pastors in their church, simply because they want Americans to preach the gospel to Americans. I say this because of an interest in IYF, and was basically shot down, for in my oppinion this very reason.

In case you are wondering, IYF is a program Good News Mission does where they try and recruit people around 18-30 to go and serve for one year. Later I will try and discuss more in detail about what I know about IYF.

So, for about a month I tried my hardest. I was scolded and ridiculed a lot. In one moment the pastor would encourage me one way, then he would discourage me the exact opposite.

Here is an example of what I mean. Once when talking with the pastor, he said that I had a complaint-full heart. He said that when those times came to get rid of it, I needed to voice it. This would help in the change. Then a week later, he told me to quit complaining and change my heart.

This idea of changing your heart never made sense. They say that Jesus does things, such as changing your heart. There is nothing you can do. So if there is nothing I can do, then why do I need to change my heart?

It was around this time that this pastor got transferred. From what I understand they try and keep a pastor there no more then 7-10 years. They have some reasons which I think do in fact make some sense. The biggest reason is if a pastor stays in a place to long, then they think it’s there church, not God’s church. However, if you read my “A sad story part 1” you will see that this pastor thought it was HIS church not GOD’S church.

This pastor was a pervert as far as I can tell. He actually squeezed one of my friend’s but. He also believed if you have any contact with the opposite sex, such as a hand shake, then that would lead to you having sex with that person.

Also at the same time a girl had an injury and could not eat. She was like this for about 6 days. I started bringing this to his attention. He said let’s wait until this conference at a city in the southern USA, and there is a chiropractor that could help her. He also said that he was trying to help her learn to have faith that God would heal her.

Now there are some problems with this. First, this conference was about 2 weeks away, on top of her 6 days without food. Next, it’s easy for him to tell her to “have faith” when he was piling on the food each meal and eating a lot, while she ate nothing. Finally, even Ock Soo Park goes to doctors and has himself checked out when there is a problem.

A few days later, my wife said that she didn’t want to stay there anymore. I got her to a safe location which took about a day, and went back, because I was still not convinced about the truth of the mission or as I now refer to it as a cult.

So, when I got back I explained the situation to the pastor and even apologized to him. He said that he thinks God hates me and I had to make it up to him. He also was mad that my wife was gone and our unborn child.

This is when it finally dawned on me that it was a cult. They wanted our child. From the research I have done, cults LOVE kids.

So with this, at about 3 am, I felt so many demonic presences it was not even funny. I walked at at 4 am and went to a hotel and waited for family to come and pick me up. I was finished because I saw it for what it was.


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  1. Ben De'Giovanni Says:

    I listened to one pastor give a sermon and knew it was a cult. He emphasisised that we do evil continuously pointing to Genesis 6. That one had to throw away one’s thoughts (i.e not think for one self) and read the bible and not put our own thoughts on it. I had great fun afterwards showing how he had put his own thoughts on the Bible. He had trouble showing why the serpent must be Satan; He had trouble showing why he believed that it was the sons of god choosing to sleep with daughters of men was the crime that god had decided to flood the earth. 🙂

  2. Ben De'Giovanni Says:

    Yes a cult. Summary of a sermon. “You are 100% evil. Don’t think for yourself. Let the Bible (i.e the pastor) do your thinking for you.

  3. sheena Says:

    I have been doing my research after attending an IYF workshop over a week ago, many forums say it is a cult, they treated me well but I do question alot of the things they were trying to teach me. Now they are trying to get me to join their church

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Thanks Sheena for your comment. What you describe is how (at least in my experience) they operate. They start out real nice to you, in fact at first they welcome questions you have, but at the same time they are trying to get you to join. When I came back from Korea, I started coming a few times from Indiana to the Chicago location. The pastor would actually come and get me. Maybe I should have seen some flags there. After I had been going there a few months, I lost my job, and the pastor said that I could stay at the church and look for work, since the state and area I lived in had a really high unemployment rate, and Chicago area had a little higher. However, after moving, he told me to do this mission training thing. In a way I felt trapped, and obligated to do it, as I had just moved there. He said it would be for a few months, to help determine if God was leading me to be a pastor, or to live a spiritual life.

      I would be very cautious if I were you sheena. I would also take note of who they refer to more: God/Jesus or Ock Soo Park. In my case I noticed it was Ock Soo Park when I got heavily involved, but I would be interested to hear your take on it if you have one at this point. Keep me posted!

  4. Ben Says:

    I agree with Esfes to be careful though from a psychological point of view rather than from that of correct doctrine. I was in a Buddhist group which had some cultic tendancies for about 20 years. Be careful of people who hardly know you who tell you which direction your life should take.

    My suspicions were aroused not by the friendliness but by the extent of it. Imahine a man of 55, bald, glasses and a bit of a pot belly being surrounded by four or five pretty young women listening with deep interest. Flattering though that is even I know it is not normal and is a sign that it is organised.

    They invited me to a meal but I graciously declined. If you accept gifts , it may be hard for you to decline when they make a suggestion or request of you later.

  5. echen Says:

    I have been attending the IYF workshop for the last month as a volunteer for a Bible crusade by Ock Soo Park from 26th oct in Dimapur India. Being a devoted Christian i attended almost all of their Bible studies to know the word more but i noticed that something was not right, for the first time i heard new interpretations of the Bible, and evereday the message was always about salvation, there was not a single message about the life after of how to lead a Christian life.

    Just the other day i had a counselling with one of their Pastors they asked me if I was born again and i said yes, i never ever doubted my salvation as in 1 John 2:27 but they asked me if i ever sinned, i said yes i unknowingly make mistakes and i ask for forgiveness, then he said,” How can you say that you are righteous when u ask for forgiveness repeatedly”, ” it shows that u dont have faith in the Blood of Jesus,” then i asked him what he did when he unknowingly falls into temptation, he said that he ll get to it later and only talked about their doctrine of salvation and didnt give me a chance, after it was over he simply excused himself to go for a meeting. since then i stopped attending their workshop.

    I never ever doubted my salvation even now im pretty sure because God is with me. But i really feel for the young people attending the workshop, there are more than 500 volunteers who are thought to sing hymns ive never heard, and they also teach them to dance to secular songs. I asked a boy who took counselling together with me about his opinion on their doctrine, he just said i dont know i dont know the Bible that deep.

    Not only that there is another disturbing thing, they are planning to distribute 10,000 copies of The Secret of Forgiveness and being Born Again by Ock Soo Park for free. But for the volunteers they gave us a copy each and asked us to read it before the crusade and told us to give book review promising attractive prizes, as i read the book mr. park talked about salvation through Christ, Fine, but he says that since Jesus took our sins away we are no longer subject to sin.

    Imagine more than 500 youth being brainwashed, i noticed that when they preach they quote the bible but they put their own ideas, stirring AWAY FROM THE TRUTH.

    so if anyone is reading please stay away from them, and do pray for these volunteers and the people who will be attending the crusade

  6. steve Says:

    I attended the GNM and IYF for a while and I found that they have many characteristics that are associated with a cult like group. They are very controlling and all decisions must go threw the pastor. Members are told they are 100% evil and they will quote genesis 6:5. They will also use phrases as throw out your thoughts, because your thoughts are evil. When you disagree with a pastor, pastor’s wife or leader in the group then you will hear these type of phrases. They will quote a bible verse along with these phrases but it is used out of context. No where in the bible does it say to throw out your thoughts to a born again christian. The pastor will advise you to what car to buy, school to attend, where to live, what job to pursue, how to raise your family and who to marry. Dating is not permitted and arranged marriages are practiced. They separate men and women during activities, worship, duties, etc… Women must obey and always be under man. You must follow the pastor no matter what, no questions asked. Even if the pastor is wrong you must follow, that is what they call faith. On the surface they seem like a good organization but once you attend you will clearly see how controlling they are. If you fall into this group you will lose your current friends and you will become more distant from family. They worship ock soo park and hold him at a prophet like status. Beware of this group!!

  7. hope Says:

    One of the things that makes it hard for them is the fact that they were taught to feel that every other church was wrong, and that only GNM was teaching the true gospel. Which is why many people cannot see why it is a cult. They’ve been brainwashed for years, many from their childhood.

    In korea it’s even worse. People are selling their homes for the church, some people even parts of their organs. Families are being torn apart. Students are quiting school. All for what? Really it’s all to contribute in building pastor park’s own kingdom. They’ve idolized pastor park and frame the pictures they take with him. Pastor park secretly came to America to have surgery while he told one of his missionaries not to have surgery on his eyes, but to have faith in god. That missionary is now blind and left the church. While many brothers and sisters of that church are barely scraping by living difficult lives, He’s living in a luxury apartment and owns an expensive car. His excuse? they were a gift from the brothers and sisters.

    On top of that, the church is selling products made from UNHWA saying that it is for the gospel. While they are pointing fingers at other churches they are selling detox products. And pastors tell students that it’s okay to lie at school for the gospel so that they could go to conferences….

    This isnt even a fraction of all the things that are happening right now in the church. These things are cleverly covered by things like “IYF”, “Culture”, “World Camps” or the “Goodnews Corps”. People who are new to this group will see those things and will actually be amazed. But the reasons why they are clearly a cult is all there. Unfortunately people fail to realize that because they are inside of the “world of GNM” and they dont want to listen to anything else.

    • evelyn castro Says:


      • Leon Says:

        I would love to meet this paster Park person… -_-… most of your allegations are based on the alleged actions of this man or rather what people think of this man. If your mother thinks this man is her savior than maybe your mother is twisted, did he every say he is the savior? and about the pope, as far as i know his role is more cult like to me, after all he did make legal something totally what the bible speaks against.

        ~correct me if i am wrong~

    • Adam Says:

      So true. My mother and sister attend this church very diligently. The pastor threw all my stuff out of my mother’s house and neither my mother or sister have any pictures of me in their houses anymore, but have pictures of each other with pastor Park galore.

      • Leon Says:

        Interesting. So they just got up one day and exiled you? That just seems like one side of the story and that your pinning the blame of whatever you did to upset your family on the church…
        ~correct me if i am wrong~

      • Adam Says:

        My step-father passed away. I didn’t attend the church because I didn’t like the pastor. He would talk about how lazy black people were during the sermons. My nephew is half-black. I took two weeks off work to attend a conference in LA because my mother was so distraught after my step-father’s death. This was about 2 months afterward, and she would start crying in grocery isles. So I went to this conference. After it was over, the pastor convinced my mother that I needed to stay at the church to have “spiritual traing.” I told her it was crazy and she relented, so I started getting on the bus. Another pastor blindsided me and said I should stay. I nicely said no, and that I had a job and was going to take h-vac classes in the fall time. I looked over and the bus was gone. I was stuck there for 6 months doing what they told me was “spiritual training.” And it really was. I called my mom after the first week, and asked her why she would letshis clown leave me…she had no answer. By the 4th week, she told me that “she” left me there. Brainwashed. By the time I got back, the $250k life insurance policy, as well as the $250k she got from selling his business, was all gone as a gift to the church….What a way to treat a woman in mourning huh?? send her son away, and take her life savings???! So…there’s the correction to your wrongness.

      • Gabriel A. Day Says:

        Hello Adam my name is Gabriel and I use to go to GNM back in 2007-2009 i left because I did research on this church and found many things I didn’t like. Even being saved before going to GNM I felt something bad in my spirit about this organization because all I knew was I wanted to join a Church but what I should’ve done all the time was get into my bible more. Also I heard one of these Korean GNM pastors was a thug and did many bad things I think GNM lets anybody become a pastor and that’s sad.

      • Adam Says:

        Death in the family upset my family, Leon. Anything more????????????????

      • Adam Says:

        As the last man left in my family, I too am upset.

      • Adam Says:

        You shouldn’t troll me Leon. I’ll find out your address.

      • Adam Says:

        My step-father didn’t attend the church because the pastor was such a douche. Everything he ever worked for went straight to that douche’s pocket. The pastor graduated high-school at age 23. That pastor’s job prior to becoming a pastor was a prison guard. He was fired because a prisoner was murdered and the other guards said he did it. He went to the missionary school and asked to become a pastor. They said they wouldn’t let him become a pastor, but they would let him live there. After some time they told him to get a job. He refused to look for one. After some time they allowed him to do the pastor training. He eventually became a pastor at my church. How long would a former prison guard last within the general prison population. 1 week, 1 month…I doubt he would last 2 months. Just speculation. Anyway, this guy became a pastor in GNM. Just an example of the quality of guys that they let through.

      • Adam Says:

        The thug who was a pastor was the muscle man for a korean mob. He was a legitimate thug. He served time. I grew up badly and was friends with drug dealers, and some people who did some not so straight things. But, I wouldn’t consider them fraudulent people. That pastor who was a thug at least was a real person. What bothers me is the frauds. One time, the guy who was my pastor became angry at me and kicked me in the shin with these thick rubber soled shoes. It bled pretty bad and swelled up pretty good. The swelling and bruise was clearly seen even 3 months later….If this is how this guy treated his own flock, a church member, then how do you think he was treating prisoners when he was a prison guard…….. you have to realize you are fully evil before you can become righteous…..I know a mind trick when I see one.

      • Gabriel A. Day Says:

        Oh okay cool but isn’t it sad what GNM is doing in Kenya making a bad representation of Korean people I also heard that they don’t let the Kenyan natives be pastors is this true??

      • Adam Says:

        All I know is a murderous prison guard is hated by the prisoners and the free alike. The scum of the Earth to either side. A thug is a dime a dozen. You can kind of understand these kinds of people. You can even like them. A murderer prison guard, they don’t have friends, and nobody likes them. Not even their own children. I got the opportunity to be around and study one of the rarest types of people. A judge knows if you send a prison guard to jail for murder, he is sending him to the execution chamber. But….who is going to feed his children and keep a roof over his family’s head??? The devil lives……so there has to be a God right??

      • Gabriel A. Day Says:

        I believe you man; I think that if they send a stinking prison guard to a prison they’ve just signed his death warrent.

      • Adam Says:

        Really I don’t know too much about what’s going on outside of my church. All I know is to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. My enemy is at least as smart as me. The devil is not smart enough to be my enemy, he’s just the devil, and reaction is the devil. But….I’m half korean, and I can tell you that Korean’s are pretty racist. Especially about black people. All I know is that the Togo pastor is pretty cool. He says even if GNM says “If you don’t leave Togo, then you can no longer be part of Goodnews Mission Church,” then he was still going to stay in Togo and preach the gospel. He sends out Togolese pastors and has a really good relationship with the church members there. By that I mean, he does a good job of not putting himself above the people there.And by that I mean I saw him putting in the effort to have the lowest heart at the church. And as an athlete all I can say is it made me feel like getting competetive with him, and I lost. So…The togo pastor is a good guy, and he’s humane. At least in my opinion he is, but the guy who was the Ghana pastor seemed out of touch to me. I think I go to the church because I don’t want my family to take some poisened Kool-Aid. I also want to convince the pastor to open his eyes, and hopefully become of a mindset like the Togo Pastor. Have you seen “Inception??”

      • Gabriel A. Day Says:

        No I have not seen Inception what movie is that??

      • Adam Says:

        Its a really strange type of movie. It’s a psyche movie kind of in the vain of the Matrix. Anyway…. there is a father son duo who is about to monopolize the electricity industry. The “inception” was to cut ties between father and son and “un”monopolize the electricity industry, sort of precognitively. It’s a really weird movie, but I like the idea better than the idea of the matrix.

  8. huh? Says:

    I have been attending this church off and on for about 3 years now, and I have to say that my experience is completely different from the things everyone describes. I was raised in the church from the time I was 4 years old, but it wasn’t until I was 18 years old and came to this church that I was ever truly certain of my salvation.

    It is true that they have a tendency to believe that there are not many true churches around these days, but I think it’s for good reason. They only think that way because so many people calling themselves Christian are uncertain of their salvation. Despite what many people seem to think, this church does not teach a false way of salvation or anything. They teach that we receive salvation by accepting Jesus Christ’s righteousness that he exchanged for the sins of the world by dying on the cross. This is completely Biblical. The reason they are so persistent on teaching that men are evil is to make sure that people know that they need Jesus, that because of their sinful hearts there is no way for man to achieve salvation on his own.

    And they do teach how to live life after receiving salvation. When they say to abandon your own thoughts for God’s, they are teaching how to live your life after salvation. I can’t understand how it doesn’t make sense. How can man live his life if he is not following God’s thoughts? If your thoughts are the same as God’s, then the Holy Spirit can work in you. Not that we will not sin once we receive salvation, but it is much easier to stand against sin if we are trusting in God and not relying on our strength. Is that really such an unbiblical concept?

    For you esfes, I don’t know what happened with your particular circumstance. But just because you had a bad experience with one pastor does not mean the whole church is a cult or anything. Their doctrine is not incorrect in anyway, nor are they new. These are the things I heard when I was a very young child, before my family moved and started going to a different church. I don’t know how I feel about them particularly being the “only” true church in the world. But they don’t think that either. I mean, people in the church themselves said they don’t think that at all, and went on to say that there were plenty of churches that teach true salvation. It’s just they feel these churches are too few. The reason they want people to be missionaries is to spread salvation as much as possible. And isn’t that what God wants?

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Thanks for your comment….

      It was not just one pastor it was about 3 pastors I had issues with… and the way the operated was very similar to a cult, I write about my experience and like I said if you have other experience I encourage it.

      • Chinua musau Says:

        @esfes do not try to justify the wrong doing of a few pastors to you by posting these lies on your blog.GNM preaches the true gospel similar to other ministries e.g Martin Luther King, pastor Joseph Prince ministry.The gospel of Grace.Do not let the devil use you to mislead other souls to hell.I am from kenya church infact IYF culture dance team and I am not aShamed.

      • esfes1025 Says:

        first the messages of Martin Luther King and Good news were (are) very different. Second I only post my experiences if you would have read what I have posted and what I have conversed with others who have also been hurt by this so called “church.” If you have had a different experience please feel free to share it on here and it will be posted on here. If you read the comments I have allowed other people to post their experiences (even if they have had a good experience and I disagree with them).

        I wish you well and will pray that God will open your eyes to the truth and any work of Satan that is binding your heart will be loosened in the name of Jesus. Any Evil Spirit is not allowed to harm you in any way and they will not block you from knowing the true “papa” God. Amen.

      • Sim Says:

        What is cult? According to the bible can you please explain? Without knowing what is cult according to the bible and if you speak according to your judgement than its terrible. Pleas make it clear . Why GNM is CULT? no one exactly explain what is CULT ACCORDING TO BIBLE. if you don’t know what is cult first you research for yourself and for your soul. Pls lets not judge other according to our point of view. Everybody talk about GNM is cult. If they are cult than what is true according the bible pls explain.. Why you cannot explain????????

      • John (1st) Says:

        Forget the word “cult”. The word has been over used and it’s true meaning has been lost. Virtually over 99% of all churches are cults because they don’t preach the true Gospel. The GNM is no exception. They may appear like they preach the true gospel, but underneath those sermons we can detect the things Pastor Park deliberately added to fit his needs. Anytime something is added onto the Gospel, it no longer is the true Gospel. Why don’t you go ask Dick York what he thinks about Pastor Park. The man who trained him to be a pastor. The only thing funny is, missionary Dick York never approved Pastor park as a pastor. Pastor Park is a self proclaimed pastor, and he lied in front of the media in order to legitimize himself. Is this a true servant of God? Don’t make me laugh sim.. You are just another one of the sheeps. Or maybe you are in the church for your own benefit rather than from God.. That is pathetic, and evil.. Keep preaching the false Gospel. God will judge you at the end! Keep idolizing Pastor Park. Remember, it’s God we need to worship, not pastor Park.
        That’s the 1st mistake made by the GNM church!

    • MeinNYC Says:

      I agree with huh? june 3rd posting as I am a Black American woman and I have enjoyed GNM. Yes, I have questioned the motives and extra friendliness of those around me; however, I actually enjoy the constant calling to ensure I will attend service. I feel like a part of a family. I have been saved since I was 13. GNM believing that I am saved or not is not my concern. GNM believing that I have received salvation or not is not my concern. I am taking what I need spiritually from it because I believe a person cannot get everything in full that is needed from church, family, friends, Godly counsel, etc… anyway. I has to come from God. God is the only one who can fill us completely and cause us to cease hunger and answer our questions. With GNM I attend church three times a week and my life is already busy enough. My only complain is that it is constantly emphasized about salvation and Jesus dying on the cross for our sins forever. There are also a great deal of examples given during the message that sometime make me tired. Otherwise, I actually enjoy the people and the fellowship and food afterward. I do find it a little off that the pastors fellowship with me so much. I start to wonder if it is because I am a young, attractive woman or if they really believe I have so many questions. I often look around and do not see others that are having fellowship and it believes me to believe the later is pre-text to the truth. I do not know the certainty of the motives. I only know my heart for Jesus and how since worshipping with GNM I have become more reliant on God not my own will or my own good deeds to make me a good person or a good Christian. I enjoy doing good things and because I love God I do not curse, because I love God, I will not curse; however, I like that GNM tells us that our hearts are evil because it actually allows me to have a burden lifted from my shoulder.

      I have always felt like I have to be perfect especially growing up in a ‘fire and brimstone’ church. GNM has allowed me to be the person that is not perfect. Not living up to any ‘expectation’ of a Christian. Only to believe fully in God. The Bible states that we can only please God by faith. As I stated before, I take what I need from the messages. Sometime I leave unfulfilled, sometime I do not. But I do not rely completely on church to complete me or people for that matter. Spiritual life should be well-rounded just like any other aspect in life. And I do my best to ensure that my spiritual life starts with always God first.

      I hope someone will be blessed by this. I’m only sharing my experience. I believe it depends on where a person is in their life and who they are, what God’s purpose is for them. Remember, Romans…All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

      Be blessed! ^^

    • adade wesley Says:

      adade wesley . am a brother in that church and i see nothing wrong with their teachings . cuz is all biblical . some one like john wesley attend Anglican for so long but was not saved till he meet some German native on ship who reveal the true Gospel to him. maybe you hv not come to that stage. hope God will discover it to you.

      • john Says:

        There are not as biblical as you think. Have you ever wonder why they always use the same passages over and over again while ignoring others.
        Think about that. And i was a former member so i know what im talking about.

  9. huh? Says:

    Oh yes. I forgot to add that after first attending this church I was very skeptical that the other churches I had attended weren’t true churches. So I stopped attending for about a year and a half. But during that time I went to about 4 different churches, and I listened to the sermons, and I enjoyed them, but while I was doing this my old doubts began to come back. At church I would always always hear how Christians need to live good and righteous lives. But no one ever explained what that meant or how to do that. They just say, “live by faith”, but “here’s a list of all the works you should be doing as a Christian”. They don’t say how to live by faith, nor are they clear on the fact that doing those works isn’t what makes people born again Christians. I’m sure they don’t mean to, but I feel that many of the pastors in today’s churches don’t really know how to teach salvation, or how to live a Christian life. It’s just “do this” “do that” because your Christian so since God is in you that’s what you should be doing. It’s so confusing and so many times it’s led me into dark confusion and depression. Finally I had enough of it and I went back to Good News Church, and it was like my spirit was finally being fed after going hungry for so long. I never, ever, want to have to go through that again.

  10. Winnie Says:

    Thankyou for sharing but u all leave me confused more than i was before i started reading your comments

  11. Joon Says:

    Hi there^^ I’m currently attending this church with my family
    and it’s been nearly 9 years since i’ve attended this church.
    I sorta have 2 views regarding our church. Even though i attend
    this church I agree with a lot of things esfes1025 has said, but
    i also agree with what “huh” has said as well. When it comes
    to the gospel and Biblical interpretation, i agree with majority
    of what our church teaches, regarding salvation, and how
    our sins our cleansed. Because the pastor has shown me
    through the words in the bible. But that doesn’t mean i don’t
    have any problems regarding the church, even though i’ve
    attended it for a quite some time. Like Esfes1025 said
    it is often confusing when the pastor tells us to throw away
    our thoughts. I agree to a certain extent, because i sorta
    do have the feeling that the thoughts may be governed by
    Satan. But at the same time, i’m sure the pastor uses
    there thoughts as well, to prepare the conferences, to decide
    which car to buy, which house to live in, and what path to
    take in life, etc. So i’m still confused regarding the thoughts.
    That is why i sorta understand what esfes1025 is trying to say
    when he said he’s having trouble getting the grasp of the meaning
    of “changing the heart”. Because it is often very difficult to understand
    it. And also don’t realize why the men and the women need to be
    seperated, it just seems so unnatural, and there is no biblical
    verse stating that men and women should be seperated while
    having sunday service. And although i do respect pastor ock
    soo park, i also feel that our church tends to over elevate
    his status to a very large extent.I find a lot of these things very
    odd, yet i accept it, because it is from our church.

    On the contrary i also agree with what “huh” said, because i really
    feel that although there are many churches around the world,
    there are very few that actually teaches the Bible with as much
    knowledge and understanding. I feel majority pastors are quite
    nice and are supportive (in their own way) in trying to help
    us understand the Bible and the word of God! I also agree with
    the fact that men are all evil, not because i feel that way, but
    because it is written in the bible. And if you study the bible
    in entirety, man has fallen since being tempted by the serpant,
    and thus disobeying and sin entered mankind. Another words
    it’s the fall of man, so it makes total sense that man became
    evil through Satan, but became righteous through shedding of
    blood our lord Jesus Christ! I learned quite a lot about faith,
    salvation, spiritual life, and afterlife through this church,
    and for that i really give my thanks to this church..

    In conclusion i’d like to state, that i do feel there should be
    some changes in our church, (not regarding what must
    be done biblically) but regarding things that have nothing
    to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as seperating
    men and women, and a lot the things that are not related
    to the bible in any way. I may be wrong, and this is just
    what i feel coming from my heart. But regardless of your
    bad experience esfes1025 i hope you still have God within
    you, and i hope he blesses you. And i also hope “huh”
    and the other people who shared their thoughts through
    this blog will be able to experience God and be blessed!


    • esfes1025 Says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience… This is the kind of reason why I have kept this blog up so that people can share and discuss their experiences (bad and good/positive and negative) about GNM.

    • Ben De'Giovanni Says:

      There are two danger signs in your very honest report. 1. The confusion when the pastor tells you to throw away your thoughts. 2. You believe that men are “all evil” because the Bible teaches it, even though this denies your own experience, “not because I feel it”

      In the first case – if your thoughts are guided by Satan – so too is the pastor’s – so how can he be trusted to guide you? He can only be trusted to control you. And you have already admitted that that is so. In the second case they really have you in the “palms” of your hands – because you deny your own experience. However, whilst St Paul says that all men are sinners it does not say that all men are ALL evil, There is a difference. If you were all evil you would not be able to accept good. This is just common sense. Common sense shows that non Christians do some good – so how can they be all evil even if they are not saved?

      Once you start doubting your own experience – you create your own hell and become other people’s puppet.

    • bonphace feli Says:

      read Isaiah 55from verse 6-9 and don`t be confused again.

  12. bob Says:

    In argentine un pastor robe a lot of money and rape a young girl in
    tue church..

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Don’t know if what you said is true… but has the person who was raped gone to the authorities in the country of Argentine?

  13. faye Says:

    I also attend a good news church and though there are some things that I do not like about it, I see it as a blessing.
    About the separation of the sexes, that was one of the first things I noticed. The guys seem to sit in a group and the girls in one also. But it is in no way madatory that they are separated. We just tend to do it naturally, just like we used to do in school. Really, everyone sits by their close friends, the people they relate to the most. High school girls sit together, and HS boys together, older women, older men, etc. Then after service, everyone mingles. It does seem strange at first, but it also makes sense.
    As far as bible teachings go, I see no problems. I have been to numerous churches, and the stories that good news uses are no different from the other churches’. The main difference is that while other churches told the story, said something about God and his miracles, and left it at that, good news goes into more detail. They talk about each person in the story, what they did/said/thought, and then showed God’s role in the story. In stories of repentance, they did not just say “so-and-so repented” and move on as some of the other churches I went to did, but actually showed the change in the person’s “heart”. Their salvation is the same as other churches: Jesus washed away our sins so that we may go to heaven.
    I can understand why people get upset about the whole “change your thoughts” thing. I got upset about it too and left numerous times because of it. The pastor always told us to trust God, that if we throw away our thoughts, He will lead our lives and take care of us. Of course that goes against everything I had previously learned about trying hard, getting a good job, and so on. It seemed as though they were telling me to make listening to the gospel ahead of friends, family, my entire life. Now, I think that maybe the problem is in the wording. The pastor explained one day that by no means should we blow off our lives. Instead, he told us, live your life, study in school, get a good job, make money. But do it for the gospel, not because it’s what you want. Pretty much, just make sure that God and his word is most important to you, not material things and your desires.
    Finally, I would like to mention that in the church that I attend, we are not discouraged from seeing a doctor when ill, and never has there been any signs of sexual harassment. I am not saying it doesn’t happen in other branches; I wouldn’t know. But if it does, good news would not be the first church that has corruption within. I am not excusing any such actions, but I also do not think it is fair to judge an international organization based on a few people. A judgement based on Pastor Park is somewhat understandable, but still, we should not all be looked down on because of him. He is not a hero in everyone’s eyes, and I know that I personally just like his bible teachings.
    I have nothing against other churches and I’m not saying that anyone with a bad experience at a good news church is wrong. There is pressure to be more active sometimes, but I always know that I have a choice. Maybe it is just a matter of which good news church you go to.
    Maybe some things need to change in this church, but overall it is the best I have attended. It gives you a deeper understanding of the bible, which I believe should be the main purpose of a church.

  14. Anna Says:

    To begin with, this church has the gospel. Period.

    Now, the social aspect of the church has always been something I’ve battled with. Of course it’s human behavior. I find that the church members who ‘disobey’ the Pastor or way of the church are often times ostracised by other church members. They will literally agree with each other to refrain from speaking or treating that person kindly. It’s a tactic to “encourage” that member to submit or ‘throw away their thoughts.’ If they can’t do that, they will not be accepted in the GNM circle and will usually drop out. When a church member leaves the church, they are usually never spoken of again. The stranges thing is, its almost as though the Pastor and members hold a personal grudge against that person.
    Please keep in mind that these were my observations and I could have misinterpreted these situations.

  15. George Says:

    I haven’t learnt much about cults but i attended IYF in nairobi, Kenya then guided to join mahanaim bible college which i quit after 8months. I hated to hear lecturers claim that the bible means more than meets the eye.”Other colleges teach theology, but we teach the spiritual meaning of the Bible.” They say that the the spiritual meaning of serpent being cursed to eat dust means satan ordered by God to feed on thoughts of man. Dust represent our thoughts so whether we are saved or not, as humans, our thoughts are satan’s thoughts always. So we need to connect to a spiritual church to be guided by the thoughts of God (pastor). When i requested to be allowed to go see my parents i was told that my family are those in the mission school. I asked 2be allowed to go preach to my mum & they said my mum is God’s business & i should not care. I made it clear i’m leaving. They told me the dangers of leaving the church. A guy “who followed his thoughts” & left the church & as a result broke his arm had a “spiritual discussion” with me. I made it clearer that i’m leaving come what may. They insisted a brother or two must accompany me. I made it clear no one was invited. They put me under surveylance. I sneaked. Of course no moneyfor transport. Thank God, a missionary from UK gave me cash and i left nairobi. GoodNews pastors forbid people from reasoning while they use reasoning to show you why you should not reason.

    They say the word of the pastor is the word of God.Then pastors would have conflicting ideas and at times clash!!! The mission school even permits divorce where one’s partner wont embrace the goodnews thing. “God will give you a spiritual mate in the church!” The IYF gospel is different from Mahanaim and the Mahanaim gospel is different from Mission school and the Mission school is a lifelong thing and the deeper you get the more mindless you become. A keen student at Mahanaim will observe lecturers conflicting at Bible texts such as 1st John1:9. Mahanaim teaches grace & the life of faith. Mission school now takes students back to works, repenting, confessing & threatenings. At mahanaim they say if you receive the true gospel God will be supplying your needs and you will effortlessly bare fruits of holiness. At mission school you are taught to sell your property, give to church and own nothing. And pastors confess having fought physically with their wives. If i were to write a sincere line about GoodNews it would be this: I LOVE THEIR GOSPEL, BUT I HATE THEIR LIFESTYLE,

    • EastCapyBara3 Says:

      yes, as well as having been drunks or criminals before salvation. They admit their hearts. its part of a contrast. its the reason why some churches do wrong when they dont explain what sin is. you have to know what you’re being saved from.

    • Ben De'Giovanni Says:

      I am pleased to see you follow your own conscience with regard to seeing your mother. People can seem very nice and friendly until you do something they do not like. The idea that someone broke their arm because they followed their own thoughts is ridiculous, How do they expalin the harm that happens to people who stay in the church.

      However, putting Jesus (? the church) before your own parents is biblical. Note the strong language. “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

  16. David. Says:

    Yo estoy dejando la Misión o separandome algo de ellos, es confuso porque el evangelio es verdadero y pocos los conocen y se sacrifican mucho por el evangelio, pero me fastidia que nada más les importe en medida que soy útil para la iglesia y que enseñen muchas cosas mal en la vida de creencia y en el significado de la Biblia, que la usan como quieran , y sinceramnete esa gente me dá miedo y mucha veces son guiados por Satanás por ejemplo yo conozco gente de otras iglesias con el mismo evangelio y que tienen creencias distintas, que estoy seguro que son las correctas y se burlan de ellas y dá la impresión de que agarrarían a golpes a alguien y lo robarían para que se enoje y reconozca que peco y de el únicamente sale el mal. Y no reconocen a Dios en cada cosa, sino que las cosas tienen que hacerse de la manera más torpe posible para que fuera por la gracia de Dios.

    • Fulanit@ Says:

      Hola David yo tambien me sali de GNM desde el 2007, por muchas cosas que exigia de mi y de mi esposo. Aunque estabamos como imnotizados por ellos pero gracias a Dios nos sacaron de alli. pero despues de unos meses encontre esta pagina y tambien segui investigando por la internet y me di cuenta que esta iglesia es una secta, agradesco a Dios que nos han despertado de esta mentira tan grande, y la verdad no hay ni una sola iglesia verdadera en este mundo, todos estan estructurado para que obedesca a sus iglesias y que pongas el dinero para que ellos se edifiquen, la unica iglesia de Dios somos nosotros los Cristianos, no las iglesias del mundo. Yo estube en la iglesia Hispana de New York y me mude a otro estado para casarme con mi actual esposo, fuimos presentados por la misma iglesia, pero agradezco a Dios que mi esposo y yo tenemos mucho en comun y que ellos no se dieron cuenta que no nos podian dominar por mucho tiempo. Dios nos protegio siempre, todo acabo con GNM por mi hijita que nacio, ellos arruinaron todo, me querian hacer a mi abandonar a mi hija sola en un cuarto mientras estabamos en el servicio, eso me dejaba confundida y mi esposo no le gustaba eso. Por mi hija abandonamos GNM y tambien porque tenian precionada nuestras vidas. de que parte eres? es que en NY habia unos hermanos que se llamaban David tambien no se si tu seas unos de ellos. No te preocupes no tengo ninguna mala intencion, solo que me da pena toda esa gente enganiada por unos cuantos roba almas =(

  17. Someone Says:

    last year in Peru the pastor make all the missionaries get to the north border in Ecuador to get their VISA for another 6 months… that would no be a big deal if it wasn’t beacuse all the poor missionaries were obliged to get there with NO MONEY, just with the company of a peruvian seminarist… the least lucky of them were about to be assaulted in their path… one seminarist was injured by robbers in order to protect the korean missionaries… some of the other ones where robbed… they had no money for food, nor transport… it was a miracle that they could go there and come back to Lima all of them safe… thank God…
    however, in words of the pastor, he did this in order to make them realize that God will always be there to help them… in the hardest times specially… but I ask myself… isn’t it a way of provoking or challenging God? is that correct?

  18. Manuel Recinos Viana Says:

    very interesting comments I do really appreciate what I did learn today. I went to THE LAST BIBLE CRUSADE and for me every comment i read has a bit portion of what i saw. Congratulations to every person who participate in this comments it was a big help.

  19. Jerry Sakala Says:

    the Gospel of salvation that teaches that christ bore our sins when baptised by John and shed his blood once and for all is perfect. That the vessels are imperfect brethren makes the gospel even more valid. I hav attended Iyf in zambia as a pastor of a different ministry who teach true salvation too. Just because abraham is the father of ishmael does not change Gods view that he is father of the faithful. Let the wicked forsake their thoughts…Iasiah 55

  20. EastCapyBara3 Says:

    well, I have to say that many of you are very confused. did you know that some people say “christian” is living a good life? its not.

    The person who didn’t have a name displayed had the very clearest point. men are evil, they need jesus. following your thoughts is following satans thoughts in disguise.
    I have a girlfriend who doesn’t get it when pastors wife tells her she is evil. When they told me I was evil (3 years ago) I didnt get it at first. It took me a couple months. I found salvation on Jan 6th, 2008. Even though I struggle with many aspects of life, I dont struggle. I instead just wait for Gods grace to fix the problem.
    I know that some people cannot grasp a concept so new. I am military, (national guard), and I carry folding knives that can open very quickly. Some mistake that for a switch blade. its actually a technique you learn from much practice. But carrying that knife doesnt have anything to do with salvation or sin. I have friends who think that any form of a weapon make me a bad person. Others simply know that I am not the guy to be worried about.
    Our pastors wife found salvation before the pastor did. Before her salvation, they used to fight. He used to be a drunk. She found salvation, she’d go to church, come home and he’d realize that after church she would not fight with him. Eventually he went to the church. Then he found salvation.
    When he found salvation, he wanted to quit drinking but couldnt. What made him quit drinking was jesus. Because in his heart, Jesus became more important than beer. When he read bible, went to church, recieved the gospel, the alcohol left him. He doesn’t drink because the word of god has taken away that desire to turn to the bottle.

    I used to have sociopathic rage problems. Sometimes they still occur. I used to think out horrible things, and when I was trying to focus on something, I’d keep thinking “is someone gonna come through that door for me?” I went to pastor with this problem. He had me turn to the bible. He eventually had me helping out with things in the church and I would forget about the things that I would distract myself with. A few months later, I joined the National Guard. I shipped off to training.
    In training, I would write letters back to church. I sent four or five letters. I got two. Reason being, the translator went to Korea and nobody had any time to sit and try to read my sloppy english.

    I’d be concerned if a pregnant woman vanished as well. I dont want anything to do with obnoxious diaper beings, they are kinda irritating. Sometimes what I think the problem is, most churches dont have a “gospel class” for beginners. This is how i was able to understand sunday sermons. It had to be explained in simple terms. My girlfriend hasn’t had gospel class, she just got thrust into the every day stuff. she doesnt get it when church says people are evil.

    I know many people cant understand anything I say. Some of you stopped reading what I said after I mentioned folding knives. Some realized I’m on the side of God and ignore me. Thats fine. But i am sharing what is in my heart.

    • Ben De'Giovanni Says:

      I read everything you said. I understand perfectly what you are saying, I just do not agree. But really I think you are attempting to read people’s minds. How do you know people stopped reading because you mentioned folding knives or ignore you because you are on the side of God? Most people here seem to be on the “side of God ” as you put it. So your last statement is a bit silly. They may stop reading you because they believe you are a heretic and therefore, not on the side of God, that would be more plausible.

      But be aware that not all of us who read your statement the whole way through are in agreement with you. I do not believe men are All evil as your church teaches. That simply denies common sense. It does not mean I am hostile to you. It just means I disagree.

  21. EastCapyBara3 Says:

    forgot to mention: GNC= good news corps, the oversee’s volunteer program.
    IYF= International Youth Foundation. this is where young people come to learn about god, grow and become more aware of the rest of the world around them. People in South Africa are very aware of the USA, but many americans dont know the difference between east/west/north/south/central africa… or that “ivory coast” is a country, not a resort.

    I realize that many people wont get it right away. thats fine, like I said in my original post. it took me 2 and a half months to find salvation.

    • Ben Says:

      The American education system is not brilliant and there are those who do not know their geography. If they got some education that would help. I assume you are using this as a metaphor for non believers’ ignorance and that you are saying that it takes time to understand. My own experience of a Buddhist cult is that is true. The less one has to do with the “outside world” and the more one spends with people who holds the cult’s views the more likely that you will find yourself “understanding”. This is particularly true if you want people to like you.

      However, I should point out that sometimes years down the line, you discover that you did not really understand but simply accepted arguments uncritically. That is the second understanding and it requires far more courage than the first . In the first you will be accepted and In the second you will be ostracised.

  22. Rational Rick Says:

    From what I have been reading here…this “IYF” group is definitely a cult
    it’s dangerous to let one man have so much spiritual authority.. I never heard of this guy…”Ock Soo Park” before..but he sounds like someone to avoid. Also I wanted to let anyone who might read this know.. Good News Mission is a name which has been used by several legitimate christian ministries for years!

    • esfes1025 Says:

      I could be wrong but I believe it is more recognized as Gu-won-pa in Korea, which is a term used for a number of cults in Korea. I also have heard them referred to as good news baptist.

  23. Gabriel A. Day Says:

    I went to a Good news church in my state and also went to a NewYork confrence, I kind of felt that this church had something bad behind it couldn’t put my finger on it though but I believed that God wanted me to come up out of that church. And I did I never looked back because the followers in that cult always looked like Ock Soo PaK’s zombies and I’m not lying either. They also didn’t believe in repentince they believed that if you repent then you are not saved and God calls for repentence, I hope that one day this cult will crumble it’s happened time after time.

    • Ben Says:

      What usually ensures that any organisation crumbles is if they have no friends on the outside. The more hostile they are to the outside world the more they are likely to crumble. Not just because they have made enemies without – but a hostile mind tends to lead to division within. On the other hand the original spirit of any organisation will always be corrupted sooner or later.

  24. cheers Says:

    I totally agree with what George says “I LOVE THEIR GOSPEL, BUT I HATE THEIR LIFESTYLE”, but well… the gospel is not theirs but God’s. My parents got married in GNM (they spent all their youth in here), so obviously, I was born and raised in GNM until I got 20. Leaving the church was a huge~huge decision for us…Of course there were happy times, graceful times…etc. But several years before I left…I cant explain with words the espiritual terrorism I experienced because most of the pastors, they dont live before the eyes of God but in front of the eyes of men, mostly before the pastor Ock Soo Park…Because if you want to be a pastor in a good position, he gotta approve you…that’s why it kinda flows like a cult…After I left I was so afraid because what I learned since very little is that all the blesses are only inside of this church and out there’s nothing good but failures and curses…All my friends now they dont consider me friends anymore cuz I left the church, so now I am their “enemy” or something similar to it. However, I am so grateful that I get to know many different servants of God who purely preaches this Gospel and leads the people toward God, to worship, serve, praise, and be satisfied ONLY by Him…I truely dont want to critize but this is what i saw in GNM…they preach the word of God, and what is the most important thing is that they have the gospel, and I am sure that there are people and pastors who really seek God in this GNM…But the praise and worship is received by God and pastor park together. God is omniscient…He is everywhere with me in my heart. I too, i received salvation by the grace of God, so I have the holy spirit who feels sad or happy if I do or not His will……I am not going to mention everything I had to pass through in this church during the latest years…cuz it has been a really inhumane, cruel, confusing, and dark time that I dont even want to mention about. It has just reminded me the comunism I have studied in one of the courses in the U several years back…However, I want to point out the gospel they preach is true and it must be spred to everbody…What is happening in there is not our business anymore…people in there are children of God too, so He will fix what must fixed dont you think so? Lets we go before God and let Him heal the wounds made by men..Lets not waste time minding them but preaching the gospel…we are going to stand before God soon, lets prepare the day we will meet Him again. The just shall live by faith, says the bible…God will give us the faith He wants us to have. God doesnt belong to any group of people, but we little humans and all this entire universe belong to Him, and everything is under His control…so Cheeeeeeers xD

    • Gabriel Day Says:

      Good comment, we do have to pray for these people because the people in these cults are lost and we should leave it up to God to lead them to the better light. Those people in GNM are really good people and their just seeking the truth to be free and not have anybody lie to them or take them all they way around the other side of the world like Jim Jones did. The reason I got out of the GNM is because I was already saved and knew that Jesus washed away all my sins I didn’t need anybody telling me that just because I repent of my wrong doings I’m not saved. I got saved at the age of 5-6yrs old I know God saved me and I don’t like it when people try to tell me otherwise, I got out of GNM after doing research and I believe God told me to do so. And I’ve read the bible for myself and learned for myself. I’m glad you’ve gotten out of that place God bless.

  25. Mark Says:

    Brothers I know their are some hard feelings in GNM.me too have been taught alot of gospel even i went to korea.one thing I can confess is the Gospel is surely interpreted in a very very exciting way that the first time you are preached to you get new things.however the life in GNm is a bit strange .because I cannot Judge I think the best solution is listen what they say but its not a must you do what they do. but I dont think GNM is a cult.because they are not secretive.they confess their hearts openly and say their evil thoughts.they don’t force offerings and sacrifices.they are free in most things.But some things done by the pastors does not even impress pastor park himself meaning some pastors don’t do the will of the Church or God and this is were you could find Judas walking,preaching and eating with other discples but the devil took hold of him he was so good that only Jesus new he is a betrayer others thought he is a polite good disciple.Lets not rebel and creat a campaign against the church rather report these issues to pastor park or someone in the church so that we help build the church together,thank you

  26. Mark Says:

    Brothers I know their are some hard feelings in GNM.me too have been taught alot of gospel I even went to Korea IYF.one thing I can confess is the Gospel is surely interpreted in a very very exciting way that the first time you are preached to you get new things.however the life in GNm is a bit strange .But because I cannot Judge I think the best solution is to listen to what they say, its not a must you do what they do. but I don’t think GNM is a cult.because they are not secretive.they confess their hearts openly and say their evil thoughts.they don’t force offerings and sacrifices.they are free in most things.But some things done by the pastors does not even impress pastor park himself meaning some pastors don’t do the will of the Church or God and this is where you could find the type of Judas walking,preaching and eating with other disciples but the devil took hold of him he was so good that only Jesus new he is a betrayer others thought he is a polite good disciple.Lets not rebel and create a campaign against the GNM church, rather let us report these issues to pastor park or someone in the church so that we help build the church together,instead,thank you

  27. yes Says:

    I can tell from your post how much you have been troubled with the strange practices which are taken for granted in GNM.
    I am still a member of GNM church, I take some of the important roles therein, but I cannot tell you where I am at this point, please forgive me on that. I know that this mission began in sole purpose of preaching the Gospel, and it is true that many of the junior pastors are eager to preach this so that much people may be saved from their sins eternally. Echen’s personal experience at voluntary work for the Bible Crusade, doesn’t tell us the exact reasons and he was not involved with this church as much as us, so I think you can disregard his claims.

    I, too, am thinking of separating myself from GNM at this point because I have felt that many new practices are introcued to the mission lately for last past few years. It seems to me that there are some sort of middlemen between Pastor Park and we-ordinary members thereof.
    I do not wish to condemn or make a judgement whether they are actually cult or not. It would be much more worthy to spend such time to preach the Gospel. It is true that many of them still do preach the Gospel, however I am very skeptical about their practices based on korean traditions thats based on this hierarchical clergy system.
    I lately made a contact with one of the Pastor Park’s trainer and he has told me that he did not ordain anyone into a pastor.

    In fact, pastor park never refers himself as a God-chosen, or divine, or a prophet. There was this movement within the church that many ‘missionaries’ to overseas fields were summoned back to korea, and many of them have now lost their title and downgraded into ordinary members, and somehow this new idea was introduced, that is to deifying Pastor Park. Some words like “God has come to this in the shape of human, hence Pastor Park”. I am not trying to be cynical or anything, because I am the translator to the church I am still attending to, and I never translated something too literally nor do i improvise. I do know understand that they must have brought that sentence in the sense of delivering the principle of God’s works. Nevertheless, at certain point, that has become like a doctrine within the church, and people start giving their testimonies, “We shall only have church and Pastor Park established in our heart” I am fully aware of the meaning of this sentence, as well as the possible alternative syntax behind, however, I am very shocked why this now is respected as if it’s a spiritual guidelines. It is now more recommended to listen to pastor park’s sermon rather than reading Bible. Other wise one will be subject to public rebuke. And many pastors are immuned to scrutiny so they often decide what Word of God is.
    I, too, have this complains to this ‘missionary’ ministering here.
    He now has been here for over five years, and still does not speak any english, where he reports to GNM headquarter that he can understand 70%~80%. He reports to the headquarter that we have 60~70 members are attending, in fact 10~12. He often put his own point saying, the locals (white) are arrogant, they, on this sacred sunday, playing sports in the park, instead of going to Church and pray”. Plus he often blames the members of the church for not bringing much locals to the church. I am sure you will probably understand my situation better.
    I translate all that craps and I see with my very eyes how the locals responde to ‘me’ since I made them hear what pastor says.

    I will not make further comments about those negative sides of GNM.
    However, as long as they preach the Gospel, God will surely be with them. However the false doctrines and practices will surely result in something that might end up confusing many. And it is not our place to judge someone.

    It is very easy if we are to spot blemishes, even from the most famous churches. But make sure that whether your separation from GNM or from anywhere , was for the furtherance of the Gospel, or just because of the personal griefs you have experienced.
    If it was sure that God has given you a revelation (after many prayers) to stay away from GNM, then do so, by all means. But remember to have word of God with you, in prayers, in preachings of the Gospel, in reading of His word. Many who left GNM just end up griping to someone. Had they were very smart enough to judge that GNM ‘s a cult, they should’ve known it way before they have even joined. Exalt only Jesus, not someone’s doctrine or practices, nor yourself.

    • evelyn castro Says:


  28. mark Says:

    I read your reply with great interest and enthusiasm.Honestly I lack words for you negatively or positively. I wish I can know you personally and share our hearts together.at this point.What I can tell is your presence is very important and necessary .As I read your heart I have a feeling that any thing can easily trigger your exit.your are the edge but no one in that church knows.With 12 members only you might be the sole leader because GNM can transfer the pastor in that place any time if they know the truth.For the sake of you brothers and sister please keep on keeping on and God bless you

  29. yes Says:

    Thanks for your comment. I have been a translator to this church, since 2001. I once have left the church for three years and have come back few years back. I don’t want to put label on each events I have been through.
    Yes, For that three years I have left the church entirely because I was young and wanted to enjoy the World. It was almost good and there was an evet that my strength was merely adequate to prevail against.
    So it was God who brought me back to his side. This incident was rather a great opportunity for me to think about what salvation really is.
    I was dead to sins but I was, in fact, trying to find something useful from the world. It is therefore much ‘easier’ for failed men to receive salvation but this shouldn’t be the doctrine per se.

    It is very difficult to put my comlains public, I, especially being a korean at least, by the look of course, get more expectation from pastors/members that I should be more submissive and obedient like ‘those’ brothers and sisters do in korea (i would say GNM church in korea). On top of that, I am in this even more weird situation of being an interpreter standing right on the borders of koreans and locals, obliged to deliver the messages exclusively based on koreans’ viewpoint. Behind the pulpit, I have to act like that I am sincerely loyal to GNM doctrines and required to translate almost everything , even those susceptible teachings that will definately cause controversies because those are originated from pastor’s personal experience, not of the Biblical evidence.

    I do not doubt that most of the brothers and sisters, in the church I am involved with now, about their belief in salvation. In fact I am only 26 years old and yet the others are much older and some spent more years in GNM and that makes harder for me to deal with.
    But I do not wish to have only koreans within the church, and i do not want people to take korean practices for granted as if these are the means to measure the level of faith or their loyalty. People don’t really care how good english can he speak. but they just want to see pastor’s intention, whether or not willing to be a ‘missionary’.
    Staying home whole day, preaching sermon about the newspaper article he saw from the internet everyday isn’t the Gospel I heard of from this church. I need some sort of consistency and relevance in words. He quickly changes his mind and words in accordance with outcomes and proclaims as if that is the providence of God.
    There are more complains to come, and I think it could even make a loyal brother into an ex-brother If i point out every single fault.
    Like I said, I do not wish to put a label on certain behavior to make a cause to leave the church. What I have decided is to preach the Gospel instead of only interpreting for someone. I think translation should be for government officials or FOBs. I think, expecting locals to come while maintaining our hearts closed is seriously misunderstood behavior.

    yes we should share some stories how God had been working,
    kissbutter@hotmail.com is my email address, but I will tell u my other address after.

    God Bless you.

  30. PeaceByJesus Says:

    I know someone who is involved with the GNC, and offer the following excerpts from an analysis i am writing:

    Park states,

    There are many people who strain and cry out to have their sins forgiven. They appear to be truly sincere, but such prayers come from distrusting and not believing that the blood Jesus shed on the cross has washed their sins away…It is a prayer to be cursed.

    There is no one who does not sin, but people who believe, “Lord, although I am an evil, dirty human being. It is recorded that the blood the Lord shed has washed away all of my sins. I believe that my sins are washed away,” do not pray, “Lord, wash my sins away.” Instead, they pray, “Thank you for washing my sins away.”

    Anyone who sins feels guilt and pain because everyone has a conscience. When we sin our conscience says, “You are a sinner. You lied. You deceived other people. You committed adultery. You caused damage to others. You are a terrible bastard!” Of course it is only human to have such voices from our conscience. However, you should not listen only to that voice, but listen to the voice of God in the Bible. (Romans 3:23-24) “Ah, I did sin, but God called me righteous through the redemption of Jesus! (The son of distrust. http://enbbs.goodnews.or.kr/bbs/download_onlist.php?bo_table=nytimes&wr_id=27&no=2)

    Throughout his teachings, Park takes his failure and that of others who either believe that

    1. God forgave sins upon Biblical repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, or fail to

    2. see themselves as a new creatures in Christ, (2Cor. 5:17), washed, sanctified and justified, in the name of Jesus and by the Spirit of our God, (1Cor. 6:11) and accepted in the Beloved, and looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of faith, (Heb. 12:2)

    and concludes (as will be additionally shown) that:

    1. sin is not actual acts of transgressions of God’s law, but instead these are “crimes;”

    2. confession of sin does not really refer to actual acts of sin, but only acknowledging one has a sinful nature and cannot save himself;

    3. a Christian has no need to ask God to forgive him for sins, as his sins are already forgiven, and to ask that is a cursed prayer, and means that they are denying Christ and are damned.

    4. Christians are not to refer to themselves as sinners, and if they do that indicates they are damned.
    However, as will be further developed, the Bible makes it clear that:

    1. sins are actual transgressions of God’s law; (Lk. 7:47; 2Cor. 12:21)

    2. confession of sins is not simply confessing we have a sinful nature, and are helpless to save ourselves, as unless it can be proven that man is culpable for having been born with one, then that is not our fault, and judgment of sin is always based upon how we have yielded to our sinful nature, and in accordance with the light and grace we have received; (Rev. 20:11-15; cf. Lk. 16:48)

    3. while Christ atoned for all sins, receiving forgiveness is contingent upon confession and repentance, (Prov. 18:13; Acts 3:19; 1Jn. 1:9)

    4. even though Christians are accounted righteous in Christ, (Rom. 4:1ff) they yet can offend God, (Rev. 2:4,14,16,20) and are chastened for sins, (1Cor. 11:32) and have need for forgiveness to restore and maintain fellowship with God, (Rev. 2:5; 3:19; Ja. 5:15) and Jesus taught believers to ask for forgiveness; (Mt. 6:12)

    5. while a believer is a “saint,” (Acts 9:13,32,41; 26:10; Rm. 1:7; 8:27, etc.) or sanctified ones, by imputed righteous in Christ, and are positionally seated in heavenly places, (Eph. 2:6) yet they sin, and are sinners as regards there human nature, functionally may act as such, and thus can be referred to as sinners, (Ja. 4:8) as well as carnal, without necessarily denying what they are positionally. (1Cor. 3:1-4,20-23; 6:11,19)

    Park selectively uses texts to support his reasoning that since Jesus atoned for all our sins, and since we are washed from them at conversion — with God promising to remember our sins no more, (Heb. 10:17) — then we are never to confess and repent of actual sins or ask forgiveness from God again.

    And in the GNM teaching and testimonies we hear them talk about evangelical-type Christians who did not believe the “true gospel,” because they felt guilty for sin and confessed they were sinners and asked God to forgive them:

    “…in Isaiah chapter 55, God still talks about the unrighteous which refers to sinners. So what do you think is the problem here? The answer is that all of our sins have been taken away by Jesus but the thought that they are sinners still remains in their hearts. In other words, people who have the thought that they are sinners are the unrighteous that God talks about. The thought that they are sinners is more serious than them committing sins. This is because they are denying the fact that Jesus was crucified to wash away our sins. http://www.londongoodnews.com/02sermon_park.php

    However, again, while once one is saved then he is positionally a saint, yet he is yet a sinner by nature, and referring to oneself as a sinner is not necessarily a denial that his also a saint in Christ, but can be a confession that in practice, not position, one is a sinner, both facts of which Scripture confirms, and Park admits as much by emphasizing that he is evil by nature.

    James 4:8 — which is addressing disobedient Christians (Ja. 4:5) — calls them sinners, but in Parks false dilemma he cannot allow that a person can acknowledge himself as being two things, and charges all who would agree with James (that they are sinners in practice), with denying the atonement of Christ, even though that is why they confess their sins, as Scripture instructs, as will be seen next. But consistent with Park’s false dilemma, believers must be disallowed from referring to themselves as having any dwelling on earth, since they positionally are in heaven. (Phil. 3:21; Eph. 2:6)

    What Scripture teaches on confession and repentance is that it is not simply acknowledging we have a sinful nature, and must rely on Christ to do good, but confession and repentance from giving into false thinking and acting. When the Lord Jesus teaches believers the manner in which they are to pray, He explicitly includes includes asking God for forgiveness: “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” (Mt. 6:12)

    And 1Jn. 1:9 promises: ” If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

    Faced with Mt. 6:12, a GNM pastor relegates this as only applying to unbelievers, (http://www.amazon.com/review/R1912BOCDK571C/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R1912BOCDK571C) but the lost cannot call God their father, as spiritually He is not, and Jesus was not addressing unbelievers. (Note: this prayer is not a prayer that is meant to be said ritualistically, but is set forth as pattern, “after this manner” pray ye.)
    And faced with 1Jn. 1:9, Park defines that confessing sins means actually confessing sins, but that confession and repentance of sins means simply confessing that we are evil by nature, while asserting that things like adultery are not sin, but crimes.

    Park states,

    It says, “If we confess,” right? Then, what is sin? Stealing, lying, murdering, committing adultery, is that what sin is? No. That is not sin. What is sin?

    Folks, sin and act of sin are different. You may have stolen, lied and committed murder, but those are not sins, they are crimes.

    Folks, sin and act of sin are different. You may have stolen, lied and committed murder, but those are not sins, they are crimes. The Bible has clearly explained about sin and crime. “If we confess our sins . . . .” (1 John 1:9) These words are not about confessing your acts of sin, saying “I committed theft.” It means to confess your sin.

    In the Old Testament, it tells about King David. One day King David committed adultery with his servant’s wife. He was in so much pain because of his sin, that he confessed before God. Do you know how he confessed?..

    It was not about what sin he had committed. He confessed of his nature, the fact itself that he was a human who could only commit sin, saying that he was a mass of sin, completely enveloped in sin…

    “If we confess our sins.” It’s not about confessing crimes you have committed, but it’s confessing that, “I am by nature a sinner. I cannot do it, so You, Lord, come and save me,” and leaving yourself to the Lord. Then He will take care of all your problems.— (The secret of forgiveness and being born again, p. 37,39.41)

    True repentance is not saying, “God, I lied. God, I stole. God, I had an abortion. God, I committed adultery. Forgive me…” But true repentance is saying, “God, I am a seed of sin, so that is why evil thoughts arise inside of me without end. (Repentance and Faith)

    However, the way the Bible defines sins makes it a crime, the breaking of God’s law: “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.” (1 John 3:4) that of breaking of God’s law, not having a sinful nature. Thus souls confessed their sins. (Mt. 3:6) Being guilty of committing sins makes one culpable, guilty before God of sin, and in need of forgiveness and righteousness, while one’s sinful nature makes one in need of deliverer from the power of sin. Confessing that one has a sinful nature by birth is not a confession of guilt (unless we are culpable for Adam’s sin), but of our helplessness, which besides our guilt and damnation renders us helpless and in need of a Redeemer.
    While a sinner coming to Christ need not itemize all his sins, he does confess that he is a guilty sinner, (Lk. 23:41) and his need is one of salvation, both from the penalty of sins and also the power of it. And if anything, the convert at conversion realizes the former then the latter. Therefore before the Jews on the day of Pentecost cried out, “what shall we do?”, (Acts 2:37) Peter charged them with guilt in the death of Christ. (Acts 2:23,35)

    The basic sin of man is unbelief, which is idolatry, but a change in heart means repentance from deeds of the flesh. (Acts 26:22)

    While it is true that sin begins in the heart, (Mk. 7:21-23) acting it out is also sin. (2Cor. 12:21)

    And for the people of God what the Bible teaches is that of confession and repentance of actual ways in which we have given into our sinful nature and broken the laws of God, (Lev. 5:4,5; Neh. 9:2; Dan. 9:20; 2Cor. 5:21; Ja. 5:16) the morality of which laws the Christian is to fulfill. (Rm. 2:13; 8:4)
    In addition, Park’s use (above) of Ps. 51 is another example of his selective use of Scripture to the exclusion of the whole thought. For while Park here denies that David confessed that he had actually sinned, and he only mentions David’s poetic lament that he was born in sin, yet David declared,

    “Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. {3} For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. {4} Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. ” (Psalms 51:2-4)

    And in my interaction with GNM missionaries they also flatly denied that David confessed he had sinned, which along with other examples, indicates how implicitly they trust and follow Park.

    In another sermon, Park refers to Is. 55:7:

    “And the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him.” (Isaiah 55:7) People think that their sins cause them to suffer and experience hardships in their lives and therefore try to stop sinning by themselves, because they know that as sinners they cannot stand . However, God did not ask them to forsake their sins and return to Him, He asked them to forsake their thoughts and return to Him. We consider committing sin as the problem but God considers our thoughts as the problem. Actually the truth is that God has perfectly solved the problem of sin. http://www.londongoodnews.com/02sermon_park.php)

    However, looking at Isaiah 55:7 we see that an actual forsaking of the wicked’s “way” is called for (“Let the wicked forsake his way”), which involves turning from actual sins. (Ezek. 18:30; Eph. 4:28; Ja, 4:8)

    In conclusion, Park is like most cultic groups, which much depend upon extreme loyalty to their human leaders whose conclusions are held as indisputable, and whose teachings depends upon a highly selective use of texts, and or an esoteric understanding of them, and who promote themselves as unique possessors of salvation. And yet like some cultic groups, Park is close to the Biblical gospel, but by addition and subtraction alters it enough to reject the historical Biblical gospel, to contrast it with the gospel according to Park.
    Rather than preaching the whole counsel of God, what Park does is major on one evangelical theme, which is not only that of man’s innate sinfulness and inability to save himself from his sins, and please God by his own efforts, but what doctrinally renders him and the GNM cultic are his conclusions that Christians must not confess guilt for actual sins, or ask for forgiveness, and that those who do so are not saved (due to not believing the “true gospel”), and that those saints who refer to themselves as sinners (as being so in practice) are designated to be the unrighteous, while those who subscribe to the GNM gospel are presented as the enlightened elite, with Parks disciples exhibiting an unwarranted devotion to him.

    What is also seen in Park’s prolixity in preaching is the degree of comprehension that is required in order to believe the “true gospel,” which stands in contrast to the “simplicity that is in Christ” (2Cor. 11:3) seen in the gospel messages in the Bible. (Acts 2:13-36-41, 10:43-47; 13:16-41, with conversion occurring by a faith which was expressed in baptism. (Acts 2:38,41; 10:43-47; 15:8,9)

    Yet, besides rejecting Biblical confession and repentance, Park evidently also rejects water baptism, which is a transcendent command to the church which the Lord shall never leave, (Mt. 18:18-20) and Park’s rejection of this would be consistent with his cultic rejection of the established church which he competes with.

    Behind Park’s misconstruance of sin, and of what confession of sin really is, and the place of it in the Christians life, is a cultic approach to the Bible in which the fundamental salvific truth of salvation is conveyed as something hidden, with Park being an esoteric elite who reveals what other all churches basically are presented as missing:

    God is opening a new pathway of the gospel to us. That pathway is hidden deep within the Bible. The way of God, which is different from your thoughts, is hidden within the Bible. (The secret of forgiveness and being born again, p. 25)
    But while the lost are blinded by the devil to the truth of the gospel, (2Cor. 4:3,4) yet the truth of salvation is NOT hidden in the Bible, nor does it require great comprehension. Rather the problem is that of an impenitent heart, as “The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. ” (Psalms 34:18)

    An examination of the book of Acts and epistles shows that those who were converted did not require hours-long sermons, and what was preached was NOT that sin meant having a sinful nature, though that is true and is dealt with in teachings on walking in victory, (Rm. 6-8) but as referenced before, in preaching to Gentiles, Paul told them to that they “should turn from these vanities unto the living God…,” (Acts 14:15) while the Jews in Acts 2 were convicted of sin in that they were guilty of rejecting their own Messiah, and were implicit in the crucifixion of the Righteous One, and thus were in need of deliverance since He would be their judge. And they were promised salvation upon repentance and faith, expressed in baptism, which (properly) is like a “sinners prayer” in body language, though souls can be born again prior to that “confession” of Christ. (Acts 10:43-47)

  31. PeaceByJesus Says:

    Correction: In addition to the need for some paragraph spacing, the beginning should read

    Throughout his teachings, Park takes his failure and that of others who either do not believe that

    1. God forgave sins upon Biblical repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus,

    or fail to

  32. Mariana Says:

    Well since almost everyone are english speakers, i will try to express my self in that language , but my native language is spanish.
    What do i have to say about this? Well i have seen the terrorific efect of this men preaching.
    They got people cars , houses, lives, they named pastors to evereyone.
    they do preach all churches but them , are son of the devil.
    they dare to be the holyh spirit telling everyone if they are saved or not, ( talking to real christians) .
    Have seen how make them sell they products.
    I have seen how they ell people libing actually in adultery ,, that they are saved beucause they ” undesrstood ” the “real gospel” they and only they , preach.
    Is iit too funny cause they also said that myabe and ust MAYBE Paul Washer is saved, that cracked me up.
    I€t is so sad.

  33. Mariana Says:

    sorry about the typing, my screen was weird.

  34. Daniel Says:

    I am a college student from California who joined the KEP program (Korea Experience Program) along with 50+ students in the U.S., supported by the IYF.
    I just left a Good News Church in Busan, Korea, before World Camp started in Korea. I knew I wanted to leave at this time. I knew this was a cult, as I was warned many times after buying my airplane ticket to Korea. Numerous “fellowships” have occurred between me/the students and the pastors/group leaders. Like me, some have already left, many considered leaving but cannot because of financial reasons (cannot support themselves while they’re here). We were misled, misinformed. Trust me, these 2 weeks have been very dramatic. For many of us.

    Please, if anyone could help. We are high school/college students who have gone (still going) through the program/World Camp, and would want our voices to be heard so that people will know about this organization and what they’re really up to. Many have sacrificed our own money, jobs, and time to “experience Korea” through this org. And while we cannot get a refund ($300) by the IYF, we at least want many others to know the truth about a program like this and the IYF, because we have experienced it. To inform others, to warn them, it’s the least we can do as young students. We want to join with you guys in this forum, and blog about our experiences. And definitely we’d like to know more about this org.

    Please contact me over email: dhongo91@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your consideration,
    — Daniel

    • kenta Says:

      Hey, I know this guy! I was there too.

      I think the majority of the IYF members are innocent sheep who have been sucked in – and they have many good intentions. But there is definitely something weird going on with how mindlessly and blindly they worship Pastor Park, and how to do “socially well” you have to completely suck up to pastors. They also lie about their programs to college students, saying it’s a “korea experience program” or (more recently) “english camp” (monterrey, mexico)! They call it “mind lectures” but it’s basically a sermon telling students to stop thinking and trust the Bible.

      This is ridiculous, this cult is terrifying the deeper you go in. Please be careful about what they tell you.

  35. kena chooks Says:

    i am happy to hear the comments from every one.I am so blessed by them.I will start by saying there is no perfect church in the body of christ.Every church has strengths and weaknesses.Each church has a vision given by the lord and the vision is accompanied by a unique message biblically backed from the lord.Each vision also seeks to solve problems and to answer unanswered questions within the body of christ and the training of the believers. I have been a born again for 10years and have known by experience that the gospel is thesame everywhere yet preached with different words and style.I work for a foundation that deals with church growth and so i attend 50 churches atleast yearly.I love the differences in the visions,and the uniqueness of each pastor’s message.This is what the the bible calls the body with different parts completing each other.There is no way the body of christ will have thesame and exact message evrywhere then its not a body with different parts.Just to say no church is complete by itself we need the different messages so as to balance our christian lives.talking about their weaknesses its normal.those who shout in tongues criticize those who pray quietly and those who cover their hair criticize those who do not cover, yet all the different messages are out to preach the gospel and advance God’s kingdom.talking about pastor OCK soo packs and the Goodnews mission, oh they are so unique.when i discovered them, i saw another depth of Gods mysteries.I tell you just like Paul says, we can never understand the heights of God and his immeasurable and infinite greatness.
    It is simple, ‘throw away your own thoughts’ just means walk by the spirit and not by the flesh, we are all evil, just means we have all sinned and come short of his glory, separating men from women is just a careful way of protecting the saints from immoral distraction during service and again its their own church style.don’t worry, all men of God magnify their ministries and really do think they are the best.i can assure u if u were one of them u will think thesame.Let me shock u by saying, if a pastor carrying a vision from the lord is not convinced he is the best, then there is a problem.so God is not worried about that.Those are proofs those churches came from God.just to conclude, Let me ask the following questions:
    Does Asking for forgiveness several times ever blot out sin and brought deliverance to any one?They teach people to eat the scriptures and live by it.It works for so many whom God choose to bless through them.That is their secret to effective evangelism.isn;t it logical that asking for forgiveness everyday and sinning everyday makes God a liar and makes us routine christians instead of true believers.They look for answers to this dillemma.
    however, if you were not blessed by the Goodnews mision church , then u were not meant to be there by God’s plan, so find your place in the body and stop criticizing them.God loves them and God ordained their existence.
    thank you

    • kena chooks Says:

      you know one thing i like about the GNM is ”a sinners prayer is not salvation” the lips speak and declare salvation but the heart condition remains thesame. as a matter of fact salvation can take place without a sinners prayer.When the word of God takes root in the heart of man, it becomes automatic.even without physically pronouncing before men, the work of the holy spirit begins.Also, they have decided not to be very “logostic” meaning,scripture word for word.That looks like God is caged within the written pages.Let me say this aloud” God is bigger than the scriptures yet backed by scripture” pauls experience was pauls’, and God may choose to show his face differently with us.so a direct copying of bible experience makes us miss the original of our own unique experience God may have prepared for us.Paul was sent to the gentiles and he had a message for them.So each pastor was sent with a message to a portion of the world and that portion will be saved in the ministry of that pastor.Some spirit filled churches today donot preach tongues and do not pray in tongues yet they have another unique experience given to them by God that just suffices.hey don’t u see God has no beginning and no end?He is not limited to the BOOK.However He may have chosen to reveal himself to you, and in which church setting u may have found yourself accept it and praise him.
      I really love the sincerity of your comments.
      be blessed everyone.

      • Me me me Says:

        God is not limited to a BOOK? The books of the Bible, or the Bible, as IYF quotes from it is God’s word. “The word was with God, and the word was God.”

  36. Mark Says:

    GNM is one thing and salvation is another leaving GNM and not deserting the faith is like moving from one room to another room in the same house.Judging one another is not helpful for us whoever leaves should not judge and he should not also be judged by those he leaves.the thing is christ is one in us but we are of different bodies,we might differ in opinion even paul differd with his brothers
    Acts:15:38: But Paul thought not good to take him with them, who departed from them from Pamphylia, and went not with them to the work.
    Ac:15:39: And the contention was so sharp between them, that they departed asunder one from the other: and so Barnabas took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus;
    Ac:15:40: And Paul chose Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God.

    that does not mean they where divided in spirit and faith.opinions differ but faith remains

  37. Guesswhat Says:

    After reading this blog, I dont know if what I have believed its really true. Good News Mission appears with in a ‘good image’ to many people, especially to the youth. It is really sad what Im going to say but I can agree in many things. First of all Pastors or missionaries do not work at all. They sais that they wake up at 5am BUT then they go back to “take a nap”…. I dont get it…
    They have this program called this program called “Good News Corps” in which they sent volunteers overseas..asking them to not bring “money” in order to “experience God”. Im ok with “expericing God”, but why they dont want students to bring their money?… One of my friends was a volunteer overseas said that her mother sent her a box of instant noodles from China. Guess what happened, “the pastor’s wife” called in korean “samonim” said to her that it was very delicious…The instant noodles were not for the Pastor’s family , it was for the volunteer. This student claimed about this and asking them why did they take something that was not sent to them….they said..”You have to understand the Pastor and us, we can not enjoy these things so often, we serve the gospel. However, according to her statement, they ate rice from the morning until the evening, they barely ate “native food”, they always ate korean food. There is hierarchy in this cult, the more you give to the church the better position you will have. Ive seen people getting indebted , trying to ofrend money for the gospel but it goes to the Missionaries. I wonder if they live by welfare if they have kids. Most of them do not speak the native language and if they do, they know the basic which means…” a basic conversation of ‘hello and how are you’….They talk about faith but at the end the pressure people to give offering “for this great cause of the gospel” when at the end they use it for themselves///Gues what they also say that “YOU SHOULDNT LIVE FOR OWN, YOU NEED TO RELY ON GOD” which means wait on the Pastor’s deicision, if you dont accept what he tells you then you are an arrogant. They always attempt to potrayed “Caucasian people” as American, I dont know if the really know about culture. They believe that other races are not “American”..how can they define it in such a way?…..They attempt to get people who speak English , and if you are “caucasian” they would attempt to introduce you a “korean” as wife”. The funny thing is that you would never see any “African” or other people of dark skin getting married with a “Korean”. I wonder if the Bible talks about discrimination, because they do that a lot. Even though they speak about faith, it’s like they engage you with nice words so you can colaborate with them. If there is something they need about you and you cant do it, then you heart is evil and dirty…they prick “your heart” so you can give up and leave everything unto them. It is impossible for you to get married with someone outside the church, they throw you out if that person does not receive salvation. They believe the are the ones who have salvation, I really wonder where did they get that…aaaaaaaaaaaahhh and I forgot Pastor Park received traning from an American Missionary but…. he does not want to know anything about him…..I wonder why??….I dont know if culture is involved with this caught but they discriminate even you might not see it when you come first. You will see that a Native Pastor from Mexico but is rank would change if he goes to “Korea” he becomes a missionary in training…why this does not happen in other countries?? I relaly wonder….driscrimination??? what does IYF talk about …CHANGE UNION COHESION CHALLENGE….What about with those does it apply in their spiritual lives???

    • Gabriel A. Day Says:

      I too remember the same thing in the GNM when I was going I never saw any black people or Africans nor Indians married to Korean people; I always saw white ppl married to Korean or Chinese. Then I needed to remember that this is a cult and cults mostly have racism in it because the organization isn’t founded up on the true foundation of Jesus Christ. I’d also like to point out about some African cultures particularly, Nigerian and Ugandan and others are really Homogeneous may be more than Korean ppl. These two cultures have different groups or tribes within them and most of the time these beautiful black African groups stay within the black race or tribe of origen; may be that can be of some help. I got out of GNM because of doing some good reasearch up on the organization and finding some strange things within GNM anyway I’m glad you’re out of it.

      • MeinNYC Says:

        Hi Gabriel A. Day…you should read my post above. I actually need to amend it and include new information now as I recently left GNM. The reason I left is because I discovered something very un-nerving. I will discuss later. I am a very attractive Black American woman and I have actually had the opposite experience that you talk about, that most people talk about. I experienced a lot of the Korean pastors flirting with me and often wondered if they would try to make me their mistress or try to marry me off to a Korean pastor. I speak Korean and a little Chinese. My ex bf was Chinese but not in the GNM church. It was a wonderful church and I think they honestly believe they are doing the right thing. Everyone is right in their own eyes.

  38. Gabriel A. Day Says:

    Thanks for your reply; as I was attending the church I do remember seeing a black and korean couple but they didn’t meet through Goodnews church. The reason I didn’t see too many black and Korean couples was because there weren’t a whole lot of black people to begin with in that part of town where GNM was located. As a black american man I’ve too had a couple of experiences of the Korean females who tride to hit on me or at least that’s what it looked like but that’s ok. I also speak Korean and Chinese(mandarin); but that’s beside the point the reason I left the church was their way of interpreting the word and the way they worship Pak Ok Su (Ock Soo Park). I also didn’t like they way they set up marriges; who knows had I stayed in that cult they would’ve probably put me with a crazy Korean women. Oh! I learned Korean way before I went to GNM hahaha.

  39. MeinNYC Says:

    Hello Mr. Gabriel A. Day. Thank you for your reply. It’s funny but your reply actually said more than I needed to say. You hit the nail on the head with the arranged marriages and that was very unnerving to me. I could understand if it were only one couple, as some Asian countries still hold strong to that tradition, but when I discovered it was everyone, I think that was too much for me to endure. I agree with you on everything you have said in this second message. It looks like we also have a great deal in common. I also learned Korean before I started at GNM. Although not fluent, I began learning in high school from friends. I wonder if people like us are a commodity?? Interesting. Take care and God bless.

  40. Gabriel A. Day Says:

    Well we’er probably not the only black people that learned or studied Korean or other languages; but we are rare I think hahaha. But I’m glad both of us and others have left GNM and are getting the picture that we need to think for ourself’s and read the bible for ourselfs to know the truth. Any ways I plan to go to Korea next March on a student work visa to Christian university that’s located in Dae jeon Korea man will that be great (in no way connected to GNM haha) Anyhow you be blessed and take care.

  41. Gospel High Says:

    I am doing an MSc. Program in Kenya, and thank God GNM started a TV broadcasting station Good-News Broadcasting Systems (GBS) in their local church in Nairobi. Their systems were in digital broadcasting directly in line with my research and therefore I so an opportunity to get an internship from there.
    When I approached the pastor, he told me I will be send to Korea for further studies. After asking the nature of study I was told I will go to train in a new anchor and some bible causes. I told the pastor I am in the Engineering and will be comfortable with my current field.

    I then asked about my current studies, I was told to leave my studies and join the church, then I will be taken to Korea for Studies in broadcasting. I declined because I only wanted an internship in their Nairobi station, hut here they are they want to take me to Korea, I sensed the pastor was indirectly leading me to pastor-hood and that from his words after coming back I was to stay in the church and work for the church for ever.
    I have noted that there management of the affairs of the of the TV stations enshrined in secrecy. Most of their employees are semi-illiterate and they will never allow educated members to b part of the management, less they know their financial status and secrets.

    It is true they have good training colleges in my field of specialty, but cannot allow me to dictate my destiny. I will be attending a three month training on Digital broadcasting in Korea, stating next week. But I do not want to tell this folks because if I do so they will block me at the embassy by giving negative report about me to immigration officers of their country and therefore being denied a visa. I got my money and want to experience the Korean life on my own as I study without strings attached.

    In world camps they will never allow Africans to participate in anything from registration, to ushering, to performing and singing. Everything is done by Koreans and all their performances will be done by Gracious Choir. If African have to teach they they must be the uneducated ones to show how poor African teach.
    This acts are no where close to being called Godly.

  42. Gabriel Day Says:

    I’ve read your comment and have to agree with you; you should leave the GNM church and ask God what church He wants you to go to and what people to meet. I’m pretty sure that there is always another way of doing what you want to do; and if you ask God I’m sure that He will lead you to the right Korean people that will get you to your destiny. This means not going through GNM because there’s always strings attached with them and that’s not a good idea because your being a GNM slave. And I believe you when said that GNM wouldn’t let Africans do certain things within the church and that’s a sad thing.

  43. Michael Novogradac Says:

    All of you just wait. Just wait until there is a life-changing event for you, like a new job or business opportunity and the pastor does not want you to pursue it and tells you, “Your thoughts are from Satan.” Pastors’ thoughts are misplaced when they speak to born again christians that way. This church is all about control. Run from this church and never look back. God made a promise to put his laws into our minds and write them on our heart, right? There you have it — how can a born again christian’s thoughts ever be from satan?

    • zearro1954 Says:

      I agree that the GNM is a cult – quite obvious from my two visits -but I disagree with your assertion that born again Christians are incapable of evil (“how can a born again christian’s thoughts ever be from satan?”). This defies the evidence of one’s own eyes.

      • Mike Novogradac Says:

        They say it whenever and to woever is ever in disagreement with whttait is they want you to do. That’s the whole point. They have no place saying these words to anyone. It is abusive in nature.

  44. Rena Says:

    Correction to all!!! If you all looked in the dictionary of what a cult is or researched to see if it was really considered a cult…you would see that it is not a cult and that it is not registered as one either. You all should be ashamed of yourselves….some ppl just can’t seem to look at themselves in the mirror and want to people to tell them only what they want to hear. Sorry, some of you are hurt because the truth hurts but it only bulids character and to attach a name on a group like a cult is wrong when they are Not classified ANYWHERE as a cult!!!!!! Just because you had a bad experience with a group does not give you the right to make up who is a cult and who isn’t??? Look at yourselves and read what you have said…you all just created your own hate group on this blog! Truely Disgusting!!!!

    • esfes1025 Says:

      I usually do not comme much anymore but felt compelled to do so with your comment. First the main reason why this blog was set up was so that people could communicate their experiences (either good or bad) with good news mission. I as the moderator allow comments from either side as long as people do not just get on here and insult people just for the sake of insulting. Second are you saying that as long as something is approved by society or the culture then it is ok? True good news is not registerred as a “cult” and the main reason why (as far as I can tell) is because they are in the world and they do not harm their members. Howeverr the ones that I point out are that they are very controlling, they make all a member’s choices, and the only way one their can geet close to God is to follow the pastor. I would also like to point out the danger of your thought of of “as long as society thinks its ok,” that I was feeling about your message.

      By this logic the north korean government worshipin this country of kim jung I’ll is ok because his countryy approves it. Nazi germany was right as the government approved it. Child sex slaves iin thailand are ol because it is approved by the government. I could list more… but I hope that my point is made. In fact I will end by saying that society is quite often wrong.

      • alexy0277 Says:

        Do you really know the meaning of a cult?
        if GNM is a cult then it makes sense historians also says that Jesus Christ was a leader of a cult so your case is actually no case.
        · n.
        1 a system of religious devotion directed towards a particular figure or object. Ø a relatively small religious group regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.
        2 something popular or fashionable among a particular section of society.
        – DERIVATIVES cultic adj. cultish adj. cultishness n. cultism n. cultist n.
        – ORIGIN C17: from Fr. culte or L. cultus ‘worship’.

    • Deprogrammed Says:

      My son and a friend are at this moment at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas with The Good News Corps/English Camp. We are getting both of them on a flight back to NY ASAP. This organization misrepresents itself to College students as some kind of youth outreach volunteer program while neglecting to mention Ock Soo Park and his version of Christian self-lobotomy. I have to admit, as a parent my guard was down. It has been 30 years since I’ve had to fend off the Moonies and the cult my brother fell for; “The Way” with Dr. Victor Paul Weirwille based in Ohio. This latest Fraud wears a clever mask, but he uses the same old tried and true techniques, get the kids tired and hungry so their guard is down, never leave them alone, limit sleep and “Love Bomb” the suckers. Then, all your thoughts are evil, even your reason is evil so don’t listen to anyone else but the fearless leader. If you think about I guess basic training in the Military is about the same but at least when you join the Marines you have a fair idea of what you joined. I loved the earlier intelligent comment that they call your reason evil then use reason to explain why your reason is evil. Of course they are not “registered” as a cult, to respond to the last note. If you are running a con game do you “register” as a swindler? Of course not, you wear a suit and smile say you are doing God’s will and wrap yourself in the Bible. All that would have been fine if they had simply been up front about this being a religious mission. They obscured the true motive of this operation. There are lies of commission and omission. This is the latter. Suggested reading: “Elmer Gantry” by Sinclair Lewis, “Tartuffe” by Moliere and a brilliant Canadian film called “Ticket to Heaven” about a cult.

  45. movers frederick Says:

    movers frederick…

    […]What led me out of Good News MIssion « Esfes1025's Blog[…]…

  46. i fell for it :( Says:

    Thank you so much for you amazing story! I do not like IYF or GNM. It is a cult and I am disturbed at how many people actually believe in Ock Soo Park’s religion.

    My response is not long, but I really despise this church. Thank you for telling us your experience! I wish this cult would just stop. 😦

  47. Gins Says:

    If only I had read this post weeks ago.. IYF posted Camp English flyers all over my campus at hunter college, ny. To college kids looking for volunteer opportunities, $300 dollars to teach a short English workshop in Mexico sounded great. I checked the website and most sources are positive about the organization. I called for information and they were so nice and welcoming on the phone and via email. It wasn’t until after the bus ride to Dallas, Tx that they gave us paperwork to sign absolving the organization of legal responsibility for us. And then told us we couldn’t leave the hotel premises, told the hotel the shuttles were off limits to our group, fed us small portions of non-nutritious food (providing no veggie alternative) forcing me to eat pickled cabbage and rice for nearly every meal for three days before my father bought a plane ticket home for me. The Mind Lectures were hogwash. ” man’s thoughts, desires and heart are evil and will lead him to stray from God.” ” one needs to drop one’s ego, humble oneself to god, open your heart and accept pastor park’s interpretation to the bible because you cannot trust yourself, satan is corrupting your heart and mind” if that is not brain washing wth is?

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Thank you so much for sharing Gins. I am sorry that you had to go through what you went through. It is very unfortunate. If it is any consolation God will use your experience in some way if you allow Him to. I wish I could tell you exactly what that is going to be, but even if I knew then I would not be allowing you to walk by faith in God. That is what the difference I am trying to tell you between what they (Good News) says and what I believe faith in God is. Faith in God is to walk with God. I will close this (unless you want to chat more about this) with a quote by Oswald Chambers and Michael Spencer:

      Continually revise your attitude towards God and see if it is a going out of everyting, trusting in God entirely. It is the attitude that keeps you in personal wonder- you do not know what God is going to do next…

      Have you been asking God what He is going to do? He will never tell you. God does not tell you what He is going to do; He reveals to you who He is.

      And the ones by Michael Spencer:

      What we need is a personal transformation by the real Christ, not the one that is manufactured by organized Christianity.

      the passionate message of the Gospel is to abandon all hope in any other god, god substitute, or god-replacement

      the disciples were continually blown away on a near daily basis and were stretched and even were awe stricken by a man named Jesus who turned a passover meal into prophecy, forgave an adulterer woman, forgives sins of a paraplegic, that he will replace the temple codes, that He will be killed and rise from the grave and finally that they would go and teach the Roman Empire and the rest of the world what He taught them.

      At Good News there is little room to wonder about God. I think the last quote by Spencer sums up a lot of the problem (and Good News is not the only “church” guilty of this). We should be continually have our minds blown by God that it is almost like saying whatever we “knew” about God is shown that we know very little about God while still growing towards Him.

      I wish you peace and pray that you will not be bitter towards God due to their spiritual abuse of you.

  48. Mike Novogradac Says:

    Since when does God accept VISA and MASTERCARD. I thought he only accepted American Express!

  49. Hated_IT Says:

    I just got back from Mexico. It is amazing that I lasted the whole trip. When I arrived in Mexico I was relieved to see normal people who I knew would never fall for the cult. While in Dallas, I was forced to eat horrible food and listen to BS MIND lectures that lasted longer and longer each day. At one point in Dallas, Ock Soo Park actually held and extra MIND lecture in a smaller room in the hotel. He touched me and said that he couldn’t feel my heart. He said that he was not sure of what type of heart I possessed. Truthfully, I think these poor Koreans are being swept into a cult. I am not foolish enough to fall for the oky doke but unfortunately so many other minorities from poor countries are. They have the nerve enough to tell you that you are a horrbile person when they need to get up off of their lazy asses and get jobs and stop looking for people like me to pay them money that I thought would go to help poor people. I was under the impression that I was going to Mexico to help the poor. The Mexican people had to pay to attend these camps. These Koreans literally tried to control me but when they saw how smart I was and that I was not vulnerable, I could literally see them unconsciously bow to me. I am glad I went through the whole trip. But I would never fall for the mission of this faulty group. If I want to do work to help people I can easily go with another non religious group. I had no idea that this was a religious organization. At one of the workshops a Thai Professor of Linguistics who teaches in TX told us that we were being tricked. I would never give another penny to GoodNewsCoprs or the IYF. They can kiss my black ass.

    • G.A.D Says:

      I’m very glad you came up out of that brain washing organization; I’m also a black person too (American to be exact). I know some of the twisted things this organization does on a regular basis because I was in Goodnews too, but at the same time wasn’t letting anybody brain wash me. My Korean friend told me about the organization some years back and I thought it was a Christian organization but when they take money from the poor and do bad stuff with it then that’s not Christian at all thats being a crook. Ock Soo Park does the same thing Kim Jung il did in his brain washing cults in North Korea have schools that teach propaganda exept Ock soo park puts God and Jesus in his mess and that’s a scary thought.

    • Jim Dwyer Says:

      Would you please get in touch with me as soon as possible? I’m a writer with The NY Times. My email is dwyer@nytimes.com, my phone is 212-556-8416.

      Thank you. Jim Dwyer

      • esfes1025 Says:

        Not to argue or doubt what you are saying is true jim but I am curious as to why if you are indeeed from the new york times why you would not want to interview the admin. Of this blg?

  50. Mike Novogradac Says:

    @ Hated_IT … I believe you will never again be duped by any religious organizations, but your story as you tell it doesn’t make you seem as smart as you believe yourself to be. It made me laugh when you said, “These Koreans literally tried to control me but when they saw how smart I was and that I was not vulnerable, I could literally see them unconsciously bow to me.” KA-Razy!

  51. Jim Dwyer Says:

    I’m working on a story about the “English Camp” that was convened in Dallas and then went onto Monterrey, Mexico.
    This writer was part of that group.
    I’m happy to speak with you, too.

  52. Adam Says:

    I have attended this church for quite awhile but quit going for a myriad of reasons, the biggest one being 1 John 1:8, which says “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” The main point in salvation by what pastor park says is that we have no sin, thus we are saved from sin unto salvation. But, as the verse states; If we say we don’t have sin, then we are deceiving ourselves, and we don’t have the truth within us. They are quick to say someone is demon posessed, or listening to satan inside them, and can only say that we can’t be good people and are incapable of love. After my family basically disowned me and told me the church was their family and not me. I went my pastor about this and he told me “of course she is not your mother, and your sister is not your sister.” I figured he had already thought this through, so I played his game and asked him who my mother and sister were. He told me his wife was my mother and the church brothers and sister were my brothers and sisters. I told him, “Oh, thank god for giving me this wisdom.” Then, since his son was translating then I asked him to tell his son that he wasn’t his son, but God’s son…he didn’t say anything but looked down at his shoes for what seemed like 10 straight minutes. So I went outside to smoke. So more “your not my son” from my mother and “your not my brother” from my sister, more “your family is not your family, the church is your family,” in the pastors sermons, more of the pastor telling my mom there is an evil spirit inside of me and God is going to do something bad to me if I don’t stop doing humanly was, but do godly ways. Saying you don’t have sin is not salvation, it is a lie. So I quit answering calls from my mom who would always say “I don’t know if you’re my son,” as a salutation from my mother, and a sister with whom I begged to call me her brother for 3 years. I just cut them off. Not my mom…OK, fine, then I’ll talk to her after the paternity test. Not my sister…OK, then I’ll have to wait for a sister in law. Really, illogical arguments are exhaustive. As 1 John 1:8 says “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” And to the people who talk about a gospel that transcends the text, please note. “God is love.” Also Pastor Park gave a sermon maybe one or two years ago where he said Obama passed a bill that mandated tracking chips be put into all American citizens by 2013. Really man, wtf happened to my family…They were deceived by lies, see 1 john 1:8 if you don’t understand.

  53. 사랑 Says:

    i am a member of iyf at the same time in church.im already 2years involved on that said church.well as of now i dont go to church almost 3month.not because i dont want but i need..well.i did something in church that made our pastor disappointed..but even i did that pastor is reaching me.it makes me happy that our pastor dont look for what i have done.because pastor believe that.it is satan not myself. i lived in that church for months.i got connected when i joined world camp.and i enjoyed it.and since that i go to church continually.i also used to be a performer of dances.experienced moneyless trips and so on.i want to grow my spirit. as like the others ,pastor used to rebuke me.and then after that i feel better.cuz pastor wants me to learn not to depend on my own understanding but too see my lacknesses.i think its up to what kind of pastor do we have.i mean teachings are same but attitude is different.so we have different views about this church..honestly sometimes i have complains in their lifestyle.

  54. 사랑 Says:

    but if i think about it.it maked me far from temptation.i lived in that church for free.they didnt even ask me even a cent but ofcourse i voluntarily give.we do all things together like family..they want to fix me.i am also.so i dont have much complain.because my heart is already molded.even they rebuke me i should be thankful cuz they want to lead me.maybe some of here has a weak heart and so many negative thoughts before thinking for positives..if u have other questions about iyf.or GNM GOD will help me answer you.

  55. Stephanie Matthews Says:

    I’m in the Good News Corps Overseas program now in Bucheon, S. Korea and I’m teaching at the Lincoln House School as an English teacher. I’m a black american woman and been in the church for over 2 years now. I’m still back and forth with this church, but one thing I can say is that I have learned a lot about the bible and the heart of God in this church more than any other church I have been to. (I have been to many) I don’t agree with the culture of the church, i.e seperation of men and women and some of their reasonings. But, one thing is that they are a Korean church and the church is based in Korean culture, so it is going to be different from american churches, and there are numerous things about Korean culture as a whole that I do not agree with. But, who am I to judge another culture’s ways? I have witnessed many things that ppl has said in the comments above and just like any other church, you will have ppl that view the same thing differently. I’ve met ppl that worship Pastor Park and I’ve met some ppl who don’t. I’ve met some ppl who choose (keyword CHOOSE) to take the Pastor’s decisions in their lives and I met some who don’t. I’ve met some crazy, insane pastors that shouldn’t be pastors and I met some that are awesome. There is no one good church because the church is filled with ppl who are, by nature, distructive, and selfish and these things will play out in any setting. But, I do believe God is holding this church just like He is holding many others. Jesus said, “Wherever two or three are gathered in His name, He’ll be there.) So, just like any situation, you take from it what you can and do with it what u will. In the end, we will all know the truth without any doubt and until then, I will put my trust in God and where He leads me, and right now, He lead me here and I’m enjoying doing His work here in Korea. I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I pray my comment has been a blessing to many and I pray for you all. In Jesus name.

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that they are a Korean church and all and who are we to judge another culture… but they do that? As Christians we are residents on this world in any country we are in but we are also alien that means we are not any culture really but of the Kingdom of God.

      I will also direct you to a documentary movie that has helped me a lot which is a study of the first 300 years of the church and as far as I can tell none of what Good News does is how they function (of course very few if any churches do this). We can grow to God with or without the aid of any church although they an be helpful though for community and for carrying one another’s burdens and God can teach us directly without the aid of a pastor/preacher etc.

  56. chinua musau Says:

    hi y’all.I sincerely beg to differ…
    On the sssue of sin:acc… to Psalm 51;5 the word says that each one is a sinner because we were al brought forth in sin from our mother’s womb.In Jer 13;23 it says that one cannot change what he is thus the concluson in Gen 6;5 that we are evil continouly and mind you continouly is different from continously.Therefore before God we are all sinners because he looks at our hearts but not our works of the flesh or deeds.
    The perfect sacrifice was made and we were made righteous and forever perfect.So we live under God’s grace and thus we ar justified by faith and not works of the Flesh.
    What does God say about our pastors?…….Here is the answer:
    Jer 3;15…Although they might be wrong sometimes respect the one who gave them that authorityas they may sometimea follow their own thoughts.
    As some have said and I quote:”I LOVE THEIR GOSPEL BUT HATE THEIR LIFESTYLE”…..welll and good follow what is most important and thats the Gospel.
    for anyone wh has ???????? you can email me and you can share your heart with me…ciao

  57. Georgina Reid Says:

    So you really think you are pure hearted in the face of God??? From the day you were born you were clean?? That’s a joke. No one ever teaches their kid to lie or steal or to be jealous.. they just know how to. Do you even know what a cult is?? You oviously don’t, try google sometime. I go to good news mission church. I was saved from my Continuosly evil thoughts.Before i was killing my self, trying to do good and it would blow up in my face, now when I look at the world and see the prolems people are going threw, it’s idiotic, the anser is so simple it’s ridicoulous that we as humans (boosting to be soo smart) can’t see it. I’m truely happy to know that god loves me so much that he save me from myself. Humans are all liers, it took me immense suffuring to realize that and to look upon my image. There is no human that can love unconditionaly. You can’t even believe that God, the creator of the heavens and earth can heal a girl’s stomah ache. If you REALY wanted to read the bible and learn about Gods heart, you would know that in there ISAIAH 59 :Verse 3 “For your hands are defiled with bood, and your fingers with iniquity: your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness” How are you going to twist this to applease you??

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Thank you for your comment. As I recall even your pastor says that upon conversion we are washed clean however the way you talk though and the way things are at Good News after conversion the person is not washed clean after all and their hearts are still evil. How can this be? If Jesus washed our hearts then upon conversion our hearts cannot be evil. This is faulty with their logic when they say God cannot exsist with sin… yet by their own logic he can exsist with a heart that is still evil after conversion?

      I feel that a wicked spirit(s) has blinded you. I pray in the name of Jesus that their power would be loosened and that the darkness that Good News has blinded you with would fall like scales and your eyes would be opened to the truth of them. I pray that God would send His angels to protect you, in the name of Jesus and that they would guide you to a body of believers that can help you get out of what you are in and they would help you learn of the real Jesus and you would find your “papa” God, at which point these wicked spirits would be cast out of you and you would find healing and love of God and the community of believers and whatever else you need. I pray that all these things would be received unto you in Jesus name, Amen!

      • 사랑 Says:

        we are human so we can be angry sometimes.its natural.we can use not so good words..but the important thing here is our heart.maybe that is the thing that u wasnt able to learn in GNM

  58. Lim jin Soon Says:

    In Kenya many people are condemning this church for so many reasons,first they housed a terrorist who killed several people in Nairobi for more info :http://www.wavuti.com/4/post/2010/12/nairobi-bus-bomber-congolese-not-tanzanian.html#axzz1qUFCKsms secondly they aproach youths and brainwash them,and use them to benefit themself and at last dump them like garbage,one of the guy was even sent to jail when they found him reading an article that associated them with evil cult.If this was not true then why did they panic so much? to sign a petition for compensation of this young man please go to this page:http://www.change.org/petitions/good-news-mission-kenya-compensate-abdi-nassir

    • esfes1025 Says:

      Is this true? In the first link I do not see any mention of the church name so I have to wonder why it is not mentioned.

  59. Fulanit@ Says:

    These are some bible verses for GNM and all the false churches of the world.

    14 Leave them; they are blind guides.[d] If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” Mathew 15: 14
    13 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. [14] [b]

    15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.

    16 “Woe to you, blind guides! You say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.’ 17 You blind fools! Which is greater: the gold, or the temple that makes the gold sacred? 18 You also say, ‘If anyone swears by the altar, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gift on the altar is bound by that oath.’ 19 You blind men! Which is greater: the gift, or the altar that makes the gift sacred? 20 Therefore, anyone who swears by the altar swears by it and by everything on it. 21 And anyone who swears by the temple swears by it and by the one who dwells in it. 22 And anyone who swears by heaven swears by God’s throne and by the one who sits on it.

    23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. 24 You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

    25 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.

    27 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

    29 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. 30 And you say, ‘If we had lived in the days of our ancestors, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ 31 So you testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Go ahead, then, and complete what your ancestors started!

    33 “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? 34 Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town. 35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. 36 Truly I tell you, all this will come on this generation. Matthew 23: 13-39

  60. Alexander T Says:

    I read almost everything on this blog and it is a pity the experiences you guys had or said you had. I am a part of the Goodnews mission church and I never met anyone that worshiped Pastor Ock Soo Park. Certainly that is not something that would be condoned by Pastor Park either. However I do know that many people including myself respect him a lot. He is no fake pastor and Goodnews mission is not a cult in anyway. The culture of Korea is such that people are very polite to those who are set over them. Its not a church culture at all. In church yes, women sit by themselves and men also but its not a law at all. Actually, many couples sit with each other. I personally sit with my wife most times and no one has ever accosted me for doing so. I have been a part of Goodnews mission for 7 years. Yes, I have had my complaints and many times felt like leaving the church too. But also when i was 15 years old I had a lot of complaints about my father who I thought should not physically scold me anymore and felt also like running away from home. Feeling like that is not new in any organization or even in a family. I did not runaway from Goodnews mission just like I did not run away from home at the age of 15. In any organization there are complaints. As long as we carry this sinful flesh we will not be satisfied. That is not new. The reason I came to Goodnews mission was not because church culture was nice or I like the people and the activities and how they conduct service but it was because inside this church without a shadow of a doubt, the True gospel of Jesus Christ was preached. The gospel that saves me from hell and reserves me a place in heaven. Other things are secondary.
    Goodnews mission has gotten a lot of persecution in the past because people thought they were a part of the moonies or the guwon pa sect. But none of that is true.
    Pastor Park has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years now and personally it has been a blessing for me. It’s a pity so many people can only complain. Please people if you don’t know well and only speculating please don’t say anything.

    • esfes1025 Says:

      thank you for your story. However, I do know what I experienced there and I do know that the leaders there (including Park) are plagued with the enemy. I pray that God would cause the scales on your eyes that is blinding you to fall off of you and you would see Good News for what it is. Also I pray that the powers of darkness around you would be bound up in golden shackles and that any power of the enemy would be loosened in the name of Jesus… and you will find a true Christian community to help you know the true “papa” God and they would one day help you cast out the enemy. All this I pray in Jesus name.

      Take care.

      • 사랑 Says:

        i know what is in your heart.why dont you pray for yourself instead.. every creature has own beliefs.if we are happy going in GNM its bcause we found hapiness there.we believe what we chose is real.

      • Evelyn Says:

        GOD Bless You’ ( esfes1025 ) keep Up The Good Work You are Doing ,on this blog; Oh and Your Honest from the Heart ! advice ,and Prayer’s Will Be Heard ! and Answered! in Jesus Name Amen !!!

  61. jessica Says:

    hello everyone.
    I read the stories and most of the comments, first I have to apologize I’m from colombia so my native language is spanish. but i will try to explain myself in english.

    I have been in GNM for about one year and a half I know it’s not too much time but right now I’m a volunteer in IYF and I belong to righteous stars, too. during this time I’ve learning several things and i must say i’m not agree with esfes and most of people here saying that our church is a cult I know there are some things that might make you believe it is but it’s not. and there are some thing I’d like to clarify.

    1- OUR CHURCH HAS THE GOSPEL. THE REAL ONE. if you’ve been in GNM before you must saw that every time pastor preaches it’s with the bible and not a new invented bible, it’s the same that you and I have in or house. I read someone wrote thar GNM’s ministers preach with the bible but adding their own thoughts. Well, it’s not like that, it’s true we heard things that probably we never heard before but it’s because they read again and again the bible and they think and describe avery person and every situation one by one.

    2- the phrase “Our thoughts are evil” I can understand the problem with it. at first, I couldn’t accept it in my heart neither. Why do we keep saying that? easy, because it’s true and it’s not something we or pastor Park invented. We believe in it because it’s in the bible romans 3: 10-18, genesis 6: 5. we hear a lot about it because we need stop believing in ourselves and start seeking God’s grace. If we thing we’re good enough we will want to do all the things y ourselves but, if we believe there’s nothing we can do in our own we will rely and wait in God.

    3- I don’t know what happened with you esfes and the pastor in corea, for me it’s hard to imagine it was like you said, but I’m not here to judge if you’re saying the truth or not. But, I still have to say there are things you’re wrong. If you lost your job and your things it’s not fair from you to blame the church because of it. The big mistake the pastor did was inviting you to live inside the church because even without know you I can say you didn’t deserve it.

    4- About pastor Ock Soo Park, he is NOT and never will be more important than God. Obviously, we listened to him and we read his books, after all he found GNM. But it’s not like we venerate him. He is a normal person he has mistakes and problems too. But for him the most important is preach the gospel he knows his thought are evil too that’s why we seek and pray to God changing our hearts and guiding us.

    5- We don not want to make other people let their works, families, studies…. etc for being in our church. I go all the time to the church and I’m still in the university, pastor never told me no stop working or seeing my family they even encouraged me to start my studies. And as I said before I dance in righteous stars and pastor and samonim don’t let me go to the presentations if I have class. We even need to have good grades to be in a presentation.

    6- We don’t reclutate people to send them as missionaries to an other country to suffer. It’s insane! Good News Corps it’s a program where you go to serve to the people in an other country it’s not to travel and enjoy your vacations it’s about working for other people. Yes, usually they told you not to have money because through this program the principal idea is to experience the work of God in your life even if you need toilet paper he will give you. But, as they say that it’s up to you if you have or not money there. And actually most of the missionaries always have money. “Challenge, change and cohesion” not “travel enjoy and live comfortably”.

    You saw something bad in the church something that didn’t match up with you and start watching and searching more bad things. You will never and i REPEAT never have to let your job or your things to be in our church. Of course is different if you’re a minister because in this case the main thing in your heart must be God and preach the gospel and you’ll have to fing the grace for every little thing.

    This time I’ve been learning miles of things in the GNM . I learned not to believe in myself and always rely in God. I’m righteous and I’m God’s daughter. it makes me sad the experience you guys had in our church because through this you’re closing the hearts of the people to receive salvation and to start living as righteous in God.

    7- I do ask pastor and samonim for work and study and my personal things and problems, but they just talk to me how they say the things through the word of God and it always will be my decision if I follow the guide of the church or not.

    8- about being separated by sex it’s hard to understand at first and it’s confusing but it’s just because we’re young and it’s better if we don’t share every moment it’s not like we are not able to speak each other never. It’s just a way to avoid problems. We can wait in God for our husband if we look for it we’ll probably look for hi with our own eyes and we will have to try and try and try again. We just have to wait and rest in God no matter what is it about. even so you’ll always be able to say no if you want to.

    Well, I hope this may help you to understand a little about GNM and IYF. If you have a question please feel free to ask.
    and thanks because through this blog I’ve seen all the grace I’ve received at being in the church.

    • 사랑 Says:

      this is so true..

      • Adam Says:

        Please excuse my writing style. I am not much of a writer.
        Goodnews as a whole is not such a bad thing, but the pastor I had definately didn’t pass point 5 or 6 that you made.
        I went to a seminar in LA in 2005 and when it was time to leave the pastor shut the door of the van and took off with me in front of the van and didn’t look back. I lived more than 1000 miles away, so I was stuck there.
        I was told that I was there to receive “spiritual training.” I would argue with my mother weekly about leaving me there. I lost my job and was only allowed to come back to my home state if I stayed at the church.
        Coincidentally they were building a chapel at the time and needed help with construction, which I have experience with. My mother was hooked so hard she just went along with whatever the pastor said.
        I think because my stepfather had passed away 3 months prior to the conference she was in a vulnerable state at the time and needed somebody to take control of her life at the time. I was just pissed that controlling my life was part of the equasion.
        So, in total that makes one year without a job on my resume. So I in fact was forced to go, forced to stay, and in turn, I was forced to quit my job. So that is point 5 unfulfilled by the pastor of my church.
        I stayed with my sister for four months looking for a job, and was trying to decide if I was going to take some mechanic classes. The pastor asked me if I wanted to become a short term missionary and since politely refusing in the past didn’t work, I told him “hell no” pretty loudly and I thought that did the trick.
        A few weeks later the pastor told me he made arragements with a pastor in Africa for me to become a short term missionary and he already talked to my mother and she bought the tickets and that was it.
        I told him I didn’t want to go and that I wanted to get some job training, but he told me “spiritual training” was more important.
        My sister was telling me how I was so lucky to get the chance to see another country and become closer to the gospel and my mother told me either I go or get the hell out of her house and never talk to her again. My mother was a member of the moonie cult when I was in elementary school, so she has almost no filter for religious madness, my father was and is still a memberof Jehovah witnesses, so my entire family is used to strange religious behavior.
        I in fact was forced to become a missionary in the Goodnews mission church, so that is point six debunked by the pastor of my church, and another year of my life which I don’t know how to account for on resume’s and applications, and conversation.

  62. helen Says:

    Hey guys, Im actually new to IYF. I have been participating in the workshops for about four weeks, they are really nice. I made myself pretty clear that i am not religious, nor spiritual, and only attend church once a year. Sure they said why dont you try coming n Sunday mass to see if you like it. I denied saying im claustorphobic. I also mentioned samething about nuns being creepy. I agree they are pushy and they have this facade of doing good in the world. Is it just me or is the whole “open your heart” thing annoying !! Anyways, I have always thought that Christianity and any religion really is a cult. You follow a set of rules and lifestyles that are rigid and if broken you have to ask for forgiveness. (Why cant it be a lesson learned?)

    I am going into this with my eyes open.

    Im attending that camp thing, when the mind lectures are in session im putting ear plugs on.

    • Hart Says:

      I really couldn’t care less if you disagree with Christianity, but calling all religions cults is to far. This may shock you, but I’m in my current denomination because I think for myself, and reason for myself, based of rationalism.

      What males the Iyf/gnm, a cult is that the organization, not always the individual, but the organization practically idolized their founder to the exclusion of other pastors outside themselves(again only as an organization, not individuals who’s true beliefs often differ) with first studying and reasoning.

      I own an Ock Soo Park book, all he did was brag about his humility to almost excluding everything else before he had a chance to reason it.

      Christian, Judaism, real Bhudism(mahayana or terevada, not the fake American kind), Hinduism, etc allow for freedom of thought, even if I disagree with all but the first, I recognize they are not cults, cults break the will of the individual, but are just too nice about it to notice.

  63. Malachy cleary Says:


  64. Douglas Gwinn Says:

    I’ve seen youthful members from IYF on the sidewalks of Los Angeles, California and I have engaged them in conversation several times. I have asked them what they believe about Jesus, about the Bible, about the forgiveness of sins through Christ, and about how they interpret several key texts from Scripture. I have to tell you that I cannot classify IYF or Good News Mission as a “cult.” The members are very serious about spreading the teachings of Christ and how to be saved and for that they should be commended. I do sense that there may be some excessive persuasion exercised by the leadership and perhaps some aspects of the Christian life are over-emphasized compared to others. But over all, I consider them my fellow believers. I am a Bible-believing evangelical Christian and I have to say at this time I have no fear of calling them my brothers and sisters.

  65. Leon Says:

    It’s not a cult. It teaches you to not trust your thoughts and that’s what you did that’s why you called it a cult. You just need to deny yourself and you will see it clear.

    • Malachy cleary Says:

      That’s a cult, your thoughts are evil our thoughts are good so don’t think do what your told
      And oh by the way did we get your check?

      • 사랑 Says:

        leon is right.maybe u cannot break ur own thought so u feel hard

      • Leon Says:

        you say its a cult based on you think that your thoughts are good and mine is evil? oh and by the way…good or evil (works) wont get you in heaven… you’re too strong up on that concept that’s why you say that…… check?

      • Adam Says:

        Throw away your thought and listen to mine may or may not be brainwashing depending on who is saying it, and what they say afterward. Not all pastors at GNM are character guys. All I have to say is beware of Jung Ja Yung who is now a pastor in Hawaii. He would preach on Sunday stuff like, “Sometimes I think people come to church just because they want to follow my God,” “If you listen to me then you too can speak like the devil,” and “I didn’t murder that prisoner, I just checked his pulse.” Seriously, I’m not totally sure if all he did was check the guys pulse. BE CAREFUL.

    • Hart Says:

      That’s called indoctrination, which all branches of Christianity have denied, wrestling with your own thoughts to discover and correct your presuppositions is an important part of Christianity, to stop thinking completey is to agree with the “pastor” blindly.

      To not trust all your thoughts unless the agree with one groups thoughts, is the the organization commuting a logical error and impossibility, unless it’s a cult.

      They just don’t want you to use the Bible to question them, why else would they tell you your God Given ability to think and have thoughts is evil? To waste an entire resource that could glorify God, that doesn’t sound like Paul.

      Not to, entire the apostles and prophets all loved to think and reason ND ponder the things of the Lord, if your presupposition is that your thoughts are evil doesn’t that also include the evil thought that your thoughts are evil, or you founders thoughts is saying thoughts are evils, or the apostles thinking, pondering, and reasoning the things of the Lord,

      Christianity may not worship rationalism, but is rational, which by nature requires thought. Shutting down the ability to think, is not even something other religions do, even Bhudist monks don’t shut down all thought, they shut down conscious thought to focus only on their breathing, but after this “empty mind” thing they don’t live their lives on auto pilot, so they begin to have conscious thoughts again, amd they don’t see it as evil.

      But if the ability to think it’s self is evil, not just the type of thoughts, they what do you say about every formal Bible translation on the planet?

      Isaiah 8:18 “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”(kjv)

      Acts 17:16-18

      “16 Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked
      within him when he saw that the city was given over to idols. 17 Therefore he reasoned in the synagogue with the Jews and with the Gentile worshipers, and in the marketplace daily with those who happened to be there. 18 Then[b] certain Epicurean and Stoic philosophers encountered him. And some said, “What does this babbler want to say?”

      Others said, “He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign gods,” because he preached to them Jesus and the resurrection.”(nkjv)

      Check also NASB, KJV (non collectors editions), NKJV, RSV (Protestant edition), ESV, etc.

      The only reason I made sure to exclude apocrypha version is because the KJV and RSV print 2 versionsm one for Protestant doctrinal study and one to be used by Roman Catholics or Protestants who know why the apocrypha was included by actual King James of Scotland, despite the 66 canonical books being based tyndales work.

  66. Patrick Says:

    What about acts 2:38 repent and be baptized in the name of jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost.. Or how about he scripture in Romans 8:9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. So according to acts he gift of the holy spirit is a gift but according to Romans if we do not receive his gift which is given after we repent and get baptized in the name of Jesus we are considered none of his. This business of just believing and having faith will lead you straight to hell… Paul goes on to say I will show you my faith by works yes you do have to follow after the plan of salvation because my doing these things you are showing God that you truly love him. Just a side note about this cult Genisis 6:4 is not talking about man and has nothing to do with man it has to do with fallen angels mating with the daughters of men our thoughts are not continually evil and if they are then maybe you should be seeking after the holy ghost, and the only way the holy ghost is received is when the believer surrenders completely to God by worshipping God, repenting, then praising him until you receive that gift. The evidence you received that gift is you will begin to speak in a language that you do not know or have not studied as God is giving you the words to say. This cannot be taught it happens suddenly and it occurs when you have completely surrendered your will to God. Read the book of acts in the bible. Do not believe the lies of this organization because if they truly believe this oo park guy is the saviour they are truly in trouble. Think deeply on these things and read your bible God does not want you to be a fool and believe a lie in fact I encourage you to not believe anything I say but read the bible for yourself and pray to God earnestly that he would reveal himself to you through his word. I will say that these people have decided to follow a lie and if they want to believe this lie it is God that will send them this strong dilution but if you seek you shall find knock and it shall be given unto you. Study to show yourself approved, the truth is out there and it will set yourself free. God bless you all and I would encourage you to pray for the people in this cult that they may find truth in Jesus Christ.

    • Leon Says:

      The Good News Church does baptize in the name of Jesus Christ…

      Believing and having faith is very important in the matter but its not the only factor…

      Rom. 3:28-30, “For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law. 29Or is God the God of Jews only? Is He not the God of Gentiles also? Yes, of Gentiles also, 30since indeed God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith is one.”

      Rom. 4:5, “But to the one who does not work, but believes in Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is reckoned as righteousness,”

      Rom. 5:1, “therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,”

      etc.. simple means “works” do not save you…. only faith in Jesus Christ does.

      Yes you must surrender to God, by completely denying yourself (that includes your thoughts)

      “this oo park guy”.. who ever believes he is the Savior needs to read the bible… i repeat he is no such thing.

      Yes one should seek the answer for themselves in the bible..

      The only thing i am not sure about is the “speaking in another language” its no where in the bible i have looked.. if it is in the bible indicate this to me..

      And i end with IT IS NOT A CULT

      • evelyn castro Says:


      • evelyn castro Says:

        JOEL’ CHAPT;;2, VERSES 28,29,30,31,32.

      • Leon Says:

        ok.. i read. so speaking it tongues is evidence that i have received the gift of the holy spirit?

    • Evelyn Says:

      Amen ! Patrick .

  67. JANG Says:

    esfes thanks…… and i luv u.very much..it seems Park’s kingdom is growing faster than i thought hahaha…GNM has reached my city.. :(. i fear i will lose my friends….MAY JESUS BE WITH U ALWAYS….ESFES….
    and i end it is a cult

  68. JANG Says:

    Eastcapybara says it took 2 and half months.. to find salvation hahahah….lol hahahahlol lol lol lol….kid u havent recieved it till now…

  69. kena chooks Says:

    Please i plead with everyone on this block to search well before concluding.Many people still dont believe that the earth is spherical because they have never seen the earth from outside.I have been in GNM for 2years.If you think your daily sins will take you to hell, then you are not saved.The truth is God justified the ungodly and not the godly.So he who is Godly cannot be justified.Unless you understand your ungodliness ,you cannot be justified.The more you try not to sin, the more Godly you become and the further you are away from God’s justification.
    This seems hard but it is the scriptures.Only the GNM i think has caught this revelation.So they dont try to stop sinning but receive Gods grace to live a righteous life.

  70. merilyn edwards Says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve GNM church.I mean everyone in the world was suppose to be there.OHHH God thank you for the truth hidden in the scriptures.I have been a hypocrite for 20years trying to do good when my heart wants to do evil.Which one does God see? The heart or the physical.I am sooooooooooo free and free indeed.Please Listen, if you search more you will realise they have the truth about God’s love for humanity.What a revelation i caught about my restless desire to live a sinless life.I realised i can never stop sinning but the lord has accepted me just as i am.What a rest i have entered in.Everyone against this ministry is blinded, canal and foolish in discoverying God’s grace.A spiritual person will discern the hand of God through this ministry.Please search well before you voice out your fangs.

    • esfes1025 Says:

      That is all well and good but I ask are you reading and searching the scriptures or are you just accepting what a bunch of “demon” possessed pastors are telling you. In my experience there it is the latter.

  71. Fulanit@ Says:

    GNM perople You are all brainwashed by humans, if they ask you to listen to them and don’t listen to human they are hypocrite and you are being fooled by them. don’t you see that all of them want you to bow down of Ock soo park? why should I have to bow down to a Church and Human. I will bow down only to God not Satan people. If you follow them You follow the devil. anyone who claim to be a prophet or apostle are liar. Maybe OSP didn’t say that he is a prophet or apostle but he allow his disciple to call him like that way its mean that he accept to be like that. Please time to wake up and stop defending them. You talk less about God than about them. I’m glad that God had woke me up and still guiding me in this nonsense world.

  72. Yinan Says:

    I attended the so-called Summer World Camp in NY, produced by IYF ( part of the good news church) in 2011. I wrote my experience as a reply in this thread: http://www.plangereculturelab.com/2012/04/30/the-good-news-cult-final-draft/
    I have to say it is absolutely a cult. I am not a Christian but I do have a very positive view on Bible and God. I read bible and attend the bible study group at the university before. However, based on my experience in this organization. It’s nothing but a crazy cult and they just want to TRICK you into being their missionary (of course with no payment). As far as I know, part of their missionary duties in NY or New Jersy is participation in labor-working and construction for their own churches.
    Just mind you, I use the word “trick” here, not “persuade” !!!

  73. austine Says:

    my dear friends if you strongly think you can gain eternity on your own without Jesus Christ? then you are lost. Jesus is the way to eternity and park has always insisted on this through t his teachings.i feel so sad that you are turning away from the truth just like pharisees who thought through their self righteousness they can see heaven.read the bible and you will confirm everything.don’t be brainwashed with your own thinking, the bible has everything.

    • Adam Says:

      Being brainwashed is erasing your own thinking. “Not everything can be taught, but everything can be learned.” -Mike Bibby. Being self taught and being taught what’s taught is much different. But, every leader was once counseled.

      • Adam Says:

        The bible definately helps a lot. The more you read it, the more you can see that you’ve been remembering it all wrong.

    • evelyn castro Says:

      Amen! Austine, Everything we need to know! in the pages of THE BIBLE’.

  74. bonmaster Says:

    thinking with first thought is wrong think twice even Jesus was not liked what about me ,Jesus said they will call you names and that have been fulfilled now what do they think even Jesus at his time was called cult am very happy anyway it`s individual where will you end up

  75. merilyn edwards Says:

    esfes1025, who ever you call yourself, Why did you creat this block?You are a very canal person living by your own desires.The freedom you received in GNM is causing you to do foolish things.Infact you are a foolish person to have created this block to insult God.You have never prayed to God to reveal his word to you concerning the revelations GNM holds about salvation and the rest.You have never tried to understand the foundation of the gospel in GNM.All you do is complain about canal things and human errors.You have no sense of spirituality where you take time and find out for yourself what the truth is and what the truth is not.So you are superficial .You have the audacity to creat this forum to insult GNM.I am warning you for the last time to close this block before something terrible happens to you.You will be slapped by God himself in the days ahead.Be careful!!! I am personally warning you.You are an idiot and nothing good truely lives in you that is why you fool around with words without any true foundation.Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Malachy cleary Says:

      Wow . A death threat in the name of God. Sounds like A North Korean God

      • esfes1025 Says:

        One question… why is it I do did not censor your issue with me even though it is in direct opposition to what my “blog (make sure you spell it right it is blog not “block” as you wrote it),” yet GNM censors anything on their website that comes up that is in opposition to their message?

    • Adam Says:

      “But call him an ‘idiot’ and you are in danger of hell fire.” Let me tell you this, Merlilyn Edwards. You yourself have not read the bible and do not apply the scripture in the words which you use. Also, canal isn’t a word. Either you meant “banal” or “carnal.” Either way, you went counter to King Soloman’s words by calling Esfes an “idiot”, and then you misused the English language. So we can all see who is lacking in applying the truth of the scripture, and who doesn’t have a grip on the language in which they use. Esfes, good for you for doing what’s best for you and your understanding of what’s right under ‘G’od, and for not being a malicious stone thrower after your departure from GNM. I am rough by nature and all I can say is that you are being more civilized than many others would be in your situation. So, Kudos, and keep up the good fight.

  76. evelyn castro Says:

    GOD’Bless’ the Person who started this Blog;[ esfes’1025] Thank You So Much! because ‘here we can see different Peoples point of view’ and come to the same conclusion’that some are brain washed and some arent’ and here You can hear about the difference . keep On Keeping On
    ! esfes1025′

  77. Leon Says:

    Hey guys be careful not to “danger” yourselves “of hell fire”.

    Also i don’t believe this is a cult, some people just can’t accept the extreme of what the bible really is telling us about ourselves. For example. Did you know we are all hypocrites, murders, etc, etc? the only thing that separates us from actions is thoughts.

    actions | thoughts
    criminal | criminal intent

    But we are judged just the same.
    Doing good or doing bad wont get you to heaven, the blood of Jesus will but it doesn’t mean you should go out and do bad.

    • evelyn castro Says:


      • Leon Says:

        umm… i believe you need to read the bible. Jesus is the one that will do the saving. Only through him you can be saved.. double check before you post.

  78. evelyn castro Says:

    leon’ You shall know the Thruth and the Th’ruth shall set You Free! the Thruth’is JESUS CHRIST ! is the way the thruth and the life’ and that No one goes to the Father’ but by the

  79. evelyn castro Says:


    • Leon Says:

      could you not write in all caps and could you not stray from the discussion. you contradicted yourself by saying God is…. than you said Jesus is… stop trying to kill me with words its really annoying. I understand your concerns and i agree with most of what you said except for the ‘only God saves’ part. But seriously you still haven’t proven my comment wrong, you just strayed and strayed some more. please read my original post again, in case you are confused.

      • Adam Says:

        chill Leon… If you got any further into Evelyn’s ass you could check for pollocks. And I myself can’t prove your comment right. “the only thing that seperates us from action’s are thoughts.” ???? Wrong. What seperates a murderer from somebody who didn’t murder?? Well… it isn’t thoughts. And for those of you saying throw away your thoughts is meaningful, this comes from a half-assed study of the bible. Isaiah 55:7 states = “Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts:….dada dada.” So…. the unrighteous has to forsake his thoughts. 1 Corinthians 3:20 states = “And again, The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.” So the murderer should have forsaken his thoughts, but did the wise man commit murder in the first place. Is a mirror called a vanity? can a vampire see his reflection?? So…. King Soloman said, “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” But are the thoughts of the unrighteous vanity??? Well…the thoughts of the wise are. So there you go Leon. I disproved your comment. Quit picking ofn Evelyn please.

      • Leon Says:

        well i didn’t mean to pick on him, just stating my believes… But clear what you do is accept only the parts of the bible that you like. once its something you dont want to hear it pure ‘dada dada’ after that. oh and umm, once its in the bible its meaningful – if the bible says throw away your thoughts you should at least try it, thoughts are evil no matter the righteous, wise, whoever. Seriously vampires? anyway ‘vanity’ – what i am saying is we are all guilty of being human, we where born that way.

      • Adam Says:

        “and he will have mercy upon him: and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.”
        The problem here Leon is you don’t have a reflection.
        What about your own damn self Leon.
        Throw away your index finger and you won’t get my middle finger.

      • Adam Says:

        Also, Leon. Its clear that you don’t gather in the words of the bible even as you read them. “(let the) UNRIGHTEOUS man (forsake) his thoughts.” So you say the wise, the righteous or whoever should forsake his thoughts?? What about the unrighteous? How come you didn’t make mention of that??? You misconstrued the words of the bible immediately after I showed you a DIRECT QUOTE!?! So…..wrong again.

      • Leon Says:

        Well you kinda twisted the word a bit there which you quoted:

        “Isaiah 55: 6-8 “Seek the Lord while he may be found;
        call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

        What i believe that is saying is: trusting ourselves is foolish unless we think that we are like God. That in itself is evil.

        further evidence:
        Psalm 118:8-10
        8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.
        9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

      • Leon Says:

        and umm. Stop trying to make it look like i am singling out wise and righteous people. I am talking about everyone, including myself.

      • Adam Says:

        Sorry, man….I’m part pitbull. I’m not trying to bully you or anything. I like what you said about we’re all guilty of being human. But, in my opinion, Goodnews takes this “throw away your thoughts” thing toooo far, and it’s not organized in a proper and logical manner. I once heard a saying, “a saying with a good ring to it but has bad logic, is still just bad logic.” When told something spiritual by anybody, you should ask for the direct quote and write it down. We are living in an age where almost all of us are literate. We all have access to most of the same books, check it out yourself. Bibliographies are important, fact checks are important, not being slack is important. Again, Sorry, I’m not trying to bully you.

      • Adam Says:

        What church do you go to Leon???

      • Adam Says:

        Also, I don’t care what you believe, I want a direct quote, not your thoughts.

      • Leon Says:

        does it matter which church i attend? there is only one way to salvation but so many churches with different religion fighting each other over who is right and who is wrong which is sad because right and wrong won’t get you to heaven and i did give you direct quotes, 3 of them in fact including the one you misinterpreted.

      • Adam Says:

        Also, Where did I “twist the word a bit.”??? You failed to show me. Please enlighten me.

      • Adam Says:

        And this time please directly quote what I said. You can read can’t you??

      • Leon Says:

        Well if you are getting angry you should take a break before replying. “You can read can’t you”. seriously? you didnt have to go there. anyway… Let me point it out to you.. you quoted Isaiah 55: 6-8 which says to not trust yourself, but you then followed with “The problem here Leon is you don’t have a reflection.
        What about your own damn self Leon.
        Throw away your index finger and you won’t get my middle finger.”

        Just listen let me try to make it clear.

        1 Corinthians 1:21-23
        21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. 22 Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,

        So the gospel makes no sense with OUR wisdom. That is why we throw it away.

        a quick example: It makes no sense to a 2-year child that you prefer a $5,000 than ice-cream.

      • Leon Says:

        PS. If your looking for logic you will only accept bits and pieces of the bible that suits you.

      • Adam Says:

        Well…you said I “twisted the word a bit” and you failed to show me where. You did bring a lot of new verses that lacked the phrasing “throw away your thoughts” though. So, in effect, there is no “US” between you and I Leon. I am done with this conversation.

      • Adam Says:

        Your index finger never does go down does it??

      • Leon Says:

        I have no idea what you are implying but… It saddens me to have failed you…. 😦

      • Adam Says:

        It’s all good. Bhudda said “Life is suffering.” so the more failure the more suffering. But, If life is suffering then suffering is life. So we know we are alive don’t we?? Well…not all of us do. Kinda neurotic huh?

      • Leon Says:

        Well umm, there is only one God, so to believe in Buddhist religion, and his teachings is a no no for me. and as far as i see it most of the other religions are based of the bible.. because your quote with further reading sounds just right. but i would have to go read the bible first to confirm.

      • Adam Says:

        And dammit… If I point a finger please look to the 3 fingers pointing back at myself. Sorry for any negative comments Leon.

      • Adam Says:

        Well, there is a verse somewhere that Paul wrote, Suffering increases something, increases something…. and something gives birth to hope…. that is a very poor description of the verse, but I hope that gets you to the verse I’m thinking of that kinda parallels it. I think 3 or more references is a good thing, though Only Jesus conquered.

      • Adam Says:

        Also, when I was younger I tried to figure out how to become Muslim, so I tried to read the Koran. It would always say “follow the prophets, read the Good Book.” But I realized that it was talking about Moses, and the other prophets in the bible, so I eventually took the Koran’s advice and started reading Proverbs and Job again. Esau had a promise after Jacob in which Isaac told him “you will break the yoke off your neck and be at war on all sides.” That is an estimated paraphrase, but you can check Genesis yourself for the exact promise. So the thesis I gained is, Break the yoke. I then tried to check out Bhuddism, but in the end the thesis I found was, “life is suffering.” So again, back to Proverbs and Job. But, as I go into the words and studies of different philosophies of differents cultures of people, I always remember “Only Jesus”. I don’t want to steer anybody the wrong way,a nd I would feel really bad if I did, so. The only thing I want to say is only Jesus, and the rest of it seems to just get in the way. Jesus is the beginning of time quite literally.

  80. Adam Says:

    Also. God is Love. So God = Love. Before Jesus, God was a jealous god, God was a vengeful god, God was a terrible god. But now, because of Jesus, God is Love. So, what is a proper noun?? Jesus said if you’ve seen the Son then you’ve also seen the Father. New wine in new wine skins. So because of Jesus, God is Love and we also have that holy spirit, which is the spirit of Love, a gift of Jesus that we can now have under God/Love. So there are many spirits (improper nouns), but only one Spirit (proper noun)…. and that spirit is the spirit of love. I read in the Tao Te Ching = a perfect love does not necessarily look like love. So who are we to judge. Judge others and you yourself will be judged. Judge yourself and you shall not be judged. Sorry if I confused anyone who read this. I myself am not sure if I answered the question I thought I was answering… but…3 in one huh???

    Faith + Hope < Love
    Faith x Hope < Love
    Faith ^ Hope < Love

    so there's the math

  81. evelyn castro Says:

    Even thought I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor.Yet I was shown Mercy because I acted ignorrantly in unbelief; And the Grace of Our Lord was more than Abundant, with Faith and Love which are found in Christ Jesus. It is a Trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the World to save sinners, among whom Iam foremost of all.Yet for this reason I found Mercy,So that in Me as the foremost,Jesus Christ might demonstrate His Perfect Patience as an example for those who would believe in Him for Eternal life.[1timothy’cap’1 verse’s13,14,15,16]

    • Leon Says:

      question.. Jesus came for sinners the first time right? so his second coming will be for?

      • John Says:

        Hello Leon. As a person who attended the GNM church for nearly 13 years, and being a very a devoted follower of the church and Pastor Park in the past, I can tell you that the church has gone into a wrong direction that is completely the opposite of God. I was one of those people who did everything the pastor told me to, obeyed the GNM church, and idolized Pastor Park(thinking he was the closest man to God). I was so wrong. And I greatly regret it now. The amount of suffering our family had to endure was so hard, and I can probably write a whole book about the things my family and I had gone through. The GNM may have started with the gospel, but as time went by, it has to become corrupted. The whole focus is no longer regarding the word of God, but they place more emphasis on the word of Pastor Park. Sometimes they would tell members of the church to not read the bible and listen to the sermons of Pastor Park. God clearly said that he is a jealous God and that there is no one else we should worship besides him. But slowly the church has changed into a place where we worship Pastor Park. I am a person who has attended this church for 13 years and have experienced everything there and I will tell you straight up that YES! They are indeed a cult. They are selling medical products within the church where they should be focused saving souls. It is run like a business nowadays. Their is a very complex hierarchy where pastor have tremendous power over their fellow brothers and sisters. People would sell their lands, homes, and all their belongings in order to fund the GNM church. And instead of using that money properly, they used to invite random celebrities, musicians (that are not saved) and pay a ton of money in order to attract more people to come and join the organization. Do we really need the help of celebrities, wild events, and big buildings to preach the gospel? Is God’s strength that limited that we need to use these methods to save people.. A person with true faith only relies on the word of God, and not anything else. I am not writing here just to bash the GNM church, and at one point they did have salvation. But good things don’t always last, will eventually corrupt. Clearly that is what is going on and I wrote this long post to share my experience. Thanks for reading.

  82. evelyn castro Says:

    Once again , I Thank GOD’ for [Esfes1025] for starting this blog’ because its given us the chance’ talk with one another’ and see different points of view ‘Thank You also Adam, U are so Sweet’ to try and let leon,understand what We’ve tried to let him know’ but there is a saying’ that [ there is No one More Blind then He Who does not want to See. ] No Matter how Much You Want to sink the Thruth’ it will always float’ Remember there’s Only One Way to Heaven’ and thats by JESUS CHRIST’ ACCEPT HIM INTO YOUR HEART! today’ tomorrow could be to late . P.S. Read the Bible’its Your Compass ! GOD BLESS!

    • Leon Says:

      blah.. all you do is ignore me and my questions and judge me and say stuff over and over again that i told you I agree with. you are the one that won’t answer my questions. What truth am i trying to sink?

      • Adam Says:

        you are preaching in questions. What you are doing is called scorning. Is one who scorns called a scorner??

  83. evelyn castro Says:

    GOD BLESS YOU LEON’ READ THE BIBLE ITS ALL IN THERE’ WE CAN NOT PLAY WITH THE WORD OF GOD![Therefore be patient, brethren,until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains. You too be Patient; Strengthen your Hearts, for the Coming of the Lord is Near.[James’cap;5 verse’s7,8.”For the coming of the Son of Manwill be just like the days of Noah.[Matthew’cap24 verse37”Now we request You, brethren, with regard to the COMING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and our gathering together for HIM.[ 2 THESSALONIANS’CAP2 VERSE 1′] READ THE WHOLE CHAPTER’so You can find out whats going to happen .Now May the GOD of Peace Himself Santify You entirely ;and May Your Spirit and Soul and Body be preserved complete, without blame at the COMING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.[1 thessalonians verse 23. May The Lord Have Mercy ! On You in JESUS’ Name .AMEN ! if You are Really Truly Seeking For GOD! He Will Bless You’ But If You Are Trying to Fool around with GOD’S Word! At the long run’ the only Fool here is You!

  84. evelyn castro Says:

    I Would suggest You Read ! The Bible! The Real Authentic One’ Not The Korean Guys Version! Im Sorry To Say It But ! THE last chapter’ of the Bible has something very sad to say about those Who Leave Out ‘or add too ‘What’s already Written in the Book called THE HOLY BIBLE .

    • Leon Says:

      So you just assume i read the korean version? I didn’t even know there was a korean version, on top of that i don’t speak korean.

      question which version of the bible you consider to be the right one?

      how am i playing with the word of God?

      And could you quit calling me a fool…..

    • Adam Says:

      Leon is a pollock but not from Poland, his car is in Park and all he can do is rev the engine. And you are a fool Leon, she is just stating the truth. It’s id in overtime with you. You should check your ID #.

      • Adam Says:

        And, if you quit being a troll, then I will quit troll trolling.

      • Adam Says:

        And she didn’t call anyone a fool. She said adding or subtracting from the bible and saying it came from the bible is a fool’s work, making reference to Rev 22:18,19. I was the only one calling you a fool, and all I can say is…”a stupid is a stupid duh uh’s.” *** Forest Gu-ump

    • Leon Says:

      You say its bad to judge and yet you can’t stop. -_-

    • Adam Says:

      Adn the truth shall set me free.

      • Adam Says:

        What is a bad man, but a good man’s job
        What is a good man, but a bad man’s teacher
        If you do not understand this you will become lost

        *** Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

      • Leon Says:

        Why not stop trying to confuse me with other religions. I only read the bible. which every other water wash ones derive from it.

      • Adam Says:

        I confused you by using the English language. Your last sentence is improperly organized and lacks a thought.

      • Adam Says:

        And Jesus himself studied with the Essene tribe of Ethiopia. So I would bet that he read some books that weren’t in the bible….

      • Adam Says:

        “and they shall call him a Nazarene”

      • Leon Says:

        seriously? -_- ok, i am sorry for not being as intelligent as you and not with as much thought. But to me that’s a good thing, Your getting pretty malicious, so this will be my last comment.

      • Adam Says:

        Also, quit trying to show the world that you are smarter than people like Evelyn, then you won’t have to see how dark my intelligence is. Darkness within the darkness. OUT.

      • Adam Says:

        …..as an interesting sidebar, the year 2012 is the year 2555 in at least Thailand on account the the year of A.D. Buddha….anyway. I respect the time of Jesus.

  85. Fulanit@ Says:

    Sorry EVelyn to say this to you, they do read the bible, but they interpret and understand it by the OSP way, we can’t change their heart unless they chooce to leave that cult and stop following OSP thinking, it hurt us a lot how many people in the world are decived like that way. BY the way do you speak espanol?

  86. Evelyn Says:

    its Sad’ to see So Many People in this time and age’being decieved’ I want to let Leon’ and othe ‘s Who May think ‘like him ,that ‘the Only Reason We Continue Communicating’ is Because We Actually Care’ for Leon and Only Want the Best for Him , and the Best that can Happen to A Person’ is to Come To Know JESUS CHRIST’ And Understand the True Meaning of Why He Left his Trone in Heaven and came Down TO THIS eARTH’ IN THE FORM OF Man! to Save Humanity! IMAGINE ! All Of Us Living in Peace’ Only In Heaven Will We Get To See And Hear! things that Down Here’ in Earth’Because of Mans Harden Heart!’ Are So Out of Our Reach! And Only JESUS CHRIST! not osp’ Can Get Us There!

  87. Phillip Says:


    I’ve heard much about you. I am very close to your two friends who walked together with you in your long journey. I lived with them while we were in Atlanta. It was my first year living with your pastor, in fact. The first reason I even went there was because I was becoming suspended in school and out multiple times, hanging with the wrong group, being uplifted by being the popular kid, I thought i was king and if any one opposes I’d get pissed, follow my anger and beat him up. That was and actually and honestly still me. My mom was scared she’d lose me. So she put me in Pastors hands with of course me opposing the idea. There I met your two friends. I actually learned from them a lot, when we go out witnessing together I was so thankful. Seeing them, I wanted to stay here in the church. Ahh they are happy living for the gospel. Ahh this is receiving guidance. I ended up receiving salvation at the World Camp in Korea. At that point Pastor let me go back home to live with my mom and sister (daddy separated). But my mom came up to me while i was playing my video games as I did before, she asked how about all of us moving into the church? That time I was middle school and I thought she was talking about when I go to college. But remembering my good times at the church, without thought I said yes. Later on my mom told me we’re moving into the church. I was soooooo pissed. We lived in a basement that time but without giving a. I starting yelling and fighting with my mom, started throwing and breaking the pictures off the wall. I just ran out and slammed the door. Ever since with that cold heart we moved. I totally closed my heart. I fought with pastor and many of the brothers and sisters. I became totally corrupt. Especially when I went to high school. My school I moved into, I don’t blend well with the rich folks there, so a lot of fighting. Still same group and I lived at church, but I was always out. I started stealing and selling gum and weed to save up to pack and run for it. I ran away and made my friend to run away with me. I became a drug dealer then. I planned on going to the hood to get a gun and do robberies on people who didn’t pay for our stuff. But God made me get caught and return to church. Seeing pastors face and being disgusted, I turned around and walked Away without him even saying a word yet. In a nutshell, he changed my heart making reference to my dad “do you want to live like your dad” I cried immediately. I was in so much pain because of him. But still even when I moved back, I hated the church and pastor. I soon was sent to Minneapolis due to my environment back home. I still smoked whatever, I talk back, I’m arrogant. However, there staying a few months through pastor I changed my heart. Truly when I ran away there a second time, God struck me. When I think about my past, all the memories I have are only of misery and pain. God led me even in that state. Through who? Not Pastor nor the church changed me. I HATED the church. But it was God through the church that changed my heart. What can I say? From then it was revealed to me thankfulness towards the church. I finally realized my old pastor’s heart. I was soooooo stupid for following my first thoughts. So foolish. Funny right? I’m still the same arrogant, pitiful person. Only difference is that Jesus is living and working in my heart. Even today. I’m still the same person I was today, but hey, isn’t that why I need to seek grace? Isn’t that why I should rely on him? I am now learning spiritual life and faith in New York. What I want to say is Esfes, if you never made a mistake, if your life was good when you tried to lead it, then please… I insist! Keep on trusting yourself. But if you did make a mistake. If you know that your life was not so well when you tried to lead it, isn’t about time to put your life in someone else’s hand? Aren’t you thankful you received salvation thru the GNM? You just forgot it, like me. But anyways, of course I cannot change your heart, haha trust me I know through my experience. But I know that God is leading you. I miss your two friends too, btw. I haven’t talked with them for a while.

    And for those judging the GNM for things they’re not doing, if that’s how you wanna think, fine. I can’t do anything. But why are you guys so negative? It’s soooo funny how much I read your “opinions”. Esfes asked for experiences in the GNM. The reason why you can uplift your opinion is because your opinion matters. In the bible it says you are dead to sin. But you don’t believe that. That’s why you think your opinion matters. It says the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, faith, peace, etc. but you know wht kind of heart I have as I read you’re opinions? It gives me chills because of how negative your reviews are. Are you sure your heart isn’t led by Satan? Again, I hope from the basic, believe the Word. That is it. But you guys don’t even do the basic. So funny.

    Truly the bible is right because damn right I’m evil, seeing the way I lived! (Excuse the language.)

    Thank you

    • John Says:

      Hello Phillip. I really enjoyed reading your personal story and glad I had the opportunity to read it. But I would to like to share to you my side of the story that I feel will help you make a better decision. Whether you want to stay in GNM or not is completely up to you, because God has given you freewill and you have the right to do what you want with your life. But from my experience from the church I feel the longer you stay the more destructive it will become in the long run. And please don’t think of me as someone who just hates GNM and wants to judge them. I’ve been with this church for nearly 13 years, my father was a loyal GNM follower and even studied at the Mahanaim and was given a certificate the preach the gospel. My family and I have intensely studied Bible. I’ve also like you attended the IYF korean world retreat in 2005 and stayed their for over a month to listen to Pastor Park Sermon during the morning, afternoon, and night time, (Not to mention the fellowships, and other church activities). So I’m not some person who stayed there for a few years and didn’t like it and left. Believe me, we were very devoted to the church. But as time went by I realized something was wrong within the church. Although I was thankful for my salvation at the same time I felt the church was going in the wrong direction. At the time I couldn’t quite get a grasp of what the problem was but I knew there was a problem. So I did something that I’ve never done before and have done some extensive research on GNM. The results were shocking:
      1.) As you know, our church idolized pastor Park. At first I also respected the man, and felt everything he said came directly from God. (Boy was I wrong). That’s merely my thoughts, or the thoughts implanted by the GNM pastors who had me believe that whatever Pastor Park says is the absolute truth. Although they don’t literally say this, they treat him as if he’s the second coming of Christ. I can’t accept this! Pastor Park is not God. He’s a normal living breathing human being just like us. But any time anyone disagrees with him, than we are considered wicked and evil. In the Bible it clearly says that “God is a jealous God and not to worship any other gods”. But I were idolizing this man? Was he the one who shed bled for our sins?
      2)After doing some more research I found that there actually was a person who committed suicide at the Gangnam church in Korea where pastor Park preaches. The GNM immediately said that she is a insecure, and somewhat crazy person. Instead of having any sorrow for a loss of a life, all they did was blame the victim who killed herself due to pressures by the church regarding offerings to the chruch. What’s most disgusting is that, the pastors didn’t let any of the other brothers and sisters to know about it. (Because it would probably ruin the churches image). Of course these things will always be on the news, so that’s a failed attempt by the GNM church.

      3) You do know that Pastor Park received salvation from Dick York right? He’s the man that first brought the gospel to Korea in the 1960’s. Well, I urge you to read some of the messages he typed online. Even Dick York has said that the GNM has slowly grown into a cult. And lets not forget that Dick York is the man who taught pastor park about the Bible. He is the same man that the GNM church has been giving credit to.

      4) I wonder if you heard of this thing called “Ddobyol”. Supposedly its some type of plant stem cell from UNHWA Corporation,that we can eat and it’s supposedly very healthy. Well first of all, I don’t believe a church should be selling products in the first place because church is a place to save souls and not advertise and sell medical products. There were some news regarding it and I’m not sure but there are some people claiming that they took DDobyol rather than receive treatment at a hospital and eventually they died. I don’t know the whole story, but I do know that the pastor did have some impact on the decision those people made. I think it went along something like this There is a humanistic method and a method given by God and that the pastor didn’t want their members to choose a humanistic method to cure their cancer. Supposedly those members of the church took that as if they should quit all cancer treatment and take ddobyol to treat their cancer and have faith in God. Well the outcome was about 8 deaths, and much anger! A church is not a place to advertise and be run like a business. It’s to bring salvation to people suffering from sin.

      5) I can probably write a book but about this church I don’t want to go too far. But there are 20 other things I can mention but I will stop it here. This is the most important reason because it pertains directly to the bible. GNM has created clever phrases to use like “break your heart”, “open your heart”, “change your heart”. First of all, there are no verses pertaining particularly to these phrases and a lot of times these are phrases made by the GNM church to control their members. YOu can argue that there purpose is to have us come closer to the Bible. Well, this is my opinion but anything not listed in the Bible should not be used in a church. Often times when we go to those retreats and we are left tired and forced to do many different activities to not make us think and we are so tired that we have no choice but to just follow. Very slowly they are trying to take over your life, turn you into a submissive person and targeting your weak points to have you do there deeds. Bibically speaking this is not right. I can show you verses proving why and mention other problems but due to time I can’t at this moment. But there is no doubt the GNM church lost it’s emphasis on teaching the correct words from the Bible, and got themselves more involved in buying buildings, cars, pressuring pastors to have their brothers and sisters make unnecessarily in order to bring in Russian singers(who didn’t receive salvation) in order to attract unsuspecting victims. In very simple terms this is called “BRAIN WASHING”.

      So These are just some of the reasons but trust me I have more. I normally don’t talk about GNM church a lot because I wanted to move on with my life. But the recent harassment my family received from the church leave me no choice. I hope this has been some help to you, and if you disagree please let me know. God bless you!

  88. John Says:

    It’s been nearly 3 years since the last I posted a comment about the GNM church and I really wanted to stop posting about the church and get on with my life but I have no choice but to write about them because of the harassment from the church my family have been taking from them. We’ve been in this church for nearly 13 years and my family finally decided to leave the church and no longer become affiliated with them. But just this morning they came to my mother’s store without her permission and try to force their way inside it by pushing through the door. My mother fell down the floor trying to prevent them from coming in and as a result she got a bruise on her face and arm. First of all, this is private property and they have no rights to come in without permission. They were not customers, but unwanted members of a cult. My mother had to eventually call the police to get them out, and write up a police report. I am very angry and disturbed by this church. In the past, although I didn’t agree with some of the practices and method they used, i felt they had salvation inside the church. However now I realized that this is a cult, and a very dangerous one. The reason they are more dangerous than the Moonies or Jehoviah witness is that unlike them the GNM does use the Bible to make their claims. They use a clever method where they often talk out of context from the original word of God. This is why it is more confusing than other cults. There are many people that have left the GNM church and I expect more people will leave it. But there will always be some poor victim that will somehow get affiliated with the church, so I am once again writing this. GNM church is a cult. Out of 2 hour sermon, only about 10 minutes is actual words from the Bible, and the other 1 hr 50 minute sermon has nothing to do with the word of God. This is merely just a tactic they like to use to brainwash their follows so that they can keep paying conferences, buildings, cars, and just about every other things that the ambitious Pastor Park wants. Pressuring members of the church to constantly make unnecessary offerings to support Pastor Parks empire is not the will of God. I think the GNM has angered our lord, and I am sure he will destroy Park’s kingdom and bring the true gospel to the people that are suffering from sin..

    • Gabriel Says:

      Hello John my name is Gabriel; it’s been a long time since I’ve also posted to this blog; I just want to say that I really liked your post; I was also a part of GNM about 5 years ago but haven’t went back since because of the strange feelings I felt while going there. They also twist the word of God too so I had to get out of there and leave; they also had arranged marriges too fixing people up with strange people.

      • John Says:

        Hello Gabriel and thank you for replying to my post. I’d like to tell you that you’ve made the right decision of leaving GNM. It’s purpose is no longer regarding the word of God, but there motive has changed. It’s more about creating an empire and bringing in more brainwashed followers. I used to think this church was the truth. I now know that it is the furthest thing from the truth. I thank God for bringing me away from this church and freeing me from corruption. I don’t know if you have any friends or relatives in your church but I urge you to help bring them out of GNM. The longer they stay the more spiritually dead they will become.

    • Samuel Says:

      hey John, do you think we can talk over skype about your experiences with the church? I’m really interested in your personal account since you’ve been part of that community for 13 years.

  89. Evelyn Says:

    Hello Jhon, Gabriel, and All You Brave People Out there who view this Blog’ for What it Is A Place where People can Connect with The Thruth’ About whats going on at GNM. I Personally think they Brain Wash the People’ and its Sad ‘ Because Most of the People that go there is Because They think ‘ its Really a Bibilical way of getting Close To GOD” But its Far from That! I Give Thanks To GOD” for People like You ! To come out and Speak’ the Truth ; about whats going on in there ‘ that way More Inocent Victims Wont Fall into this Evil Trap! Again GOD! Bless You and Family! and lets continue to Pray That More People Will Be Reached’ and Warned! Before its to late.

    • John Says:

      Thank you Evelyn. The reason GNM is so dangerous is because there are some things they say that are true. But that’s exactly how a cult operates. They win your trust over by telling you 1 thing that is true, and slowly add lies, once they find out that they have won you over. It’s probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to manipulation, but the GNM does it in a clever way, which makes it very confusing for the people who go there. They also tend to play with people’s emotions and give them a sense of guilt in order to better control them and have them do their works. A typical GNM sermon would be about 2 hours long, and they would mention the Bible verses for like 10 minutes and the rest of the time they tell stories of things that have nothing to do with the bible. But because the poor souls in the GNM church are so convinced that Pastor Park comes from God, they believe in everything he says without questioning even 1 thing. I used to think questioning the pastor was bad, because the GNM would constantly tell you that you’re thoughts are evil and tell you to only to the pastor to think for you and make decisions for you. I now realized that was the dumbest thing i’ve ever done. You should always question everything. Just mindlessly believing everything a pastor says like a bunch of sheeps is not the will of God. But sadly majority of the people who go to GNM think it is…..

  90. devotionals Says:

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  91. Kari Says:

    Pastor Dick York does not recognize Park Ock Soo Park as a one of his students. The Pastor Dick York never influence on his teachings; however, he always receives emails from all over the world in regards to this sect.For more imformation contact Pastor Dick York, he live in Oregon.USA

  92. website here Says:

    I am in fact delighted to read this web site posts which carries plenty of valuable facts, thanks for providing such information.

  93. Paul Says:

    Thanks, this blog post and comments have been helpful. I am from Mongolia and i used to the Good News church. The pastor there asked me if i were saved, i said i was saved. Then he went on telling me stories about people who had thought they were saved and how they were not saved.

    Anyway, i went there because my girlfriend was a member. We had to argue every sunday after the service about the church. I just had gut feeling that something is not right. And, i did not like how my girlfriend was absorbing every bit of sermon attentively.

    There were many things i did not like, so i wondered is it just me who’s having hard time accepting the church’s gospel. I researched a bit about it both on the internet and with other pastors. Your blog provides lot of info, many thanks again.

    Now, thankfully we both left that church for good. I understand it is important to devote your life to God, but it is better to have sense of good and bad. I hope our God will guide the way and we live in his presence everyday.

  94. Lamont Says:

    naturally like your website but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
    A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it
    very bothersome to inform the reality on the other
    hand I’ll surely come again again.

  95. bruce Says:

    i attend there church in dallas. seems fine to me, i been going for a year now. first let me say, at least the dallas church and the world camp in San Deigo, and along with all the retreats we do, and the services, they never ONCE ask for money or a offering plate gets passed around. EVER, they let God by relying on faith that God provides. The only time they will ask for money is for Retreats or World Camps that you go together to mexico and allt he churchs around the world go together. and EVEN so, if you cant afford it, at least my dallas church, PAYS FOR YOU! and all cost including the food and trasporation, hotel, all of it, payed for.

    everything they do is by choice. my Deacon at the church was to be a pastor about 20 years ago in that mission school this blogs about, he went for a year, usually they graduate, but they held him back and he got frustated and left, he had an amazing testimony, point is he wished he continued it, but YOU STILL HAVE A CHOICE.. its not like the pastor is going to tell you that your going to hell..

    look God wants us to do one thing, Love. Love Him, Him love us, and we love each other. He is love, so the greatest thing really is to preach the word. but your not going to be condemmed if you disagree with the pastor. you will get chasticed if you do wrong.. like i went to the world camp and fucked this Jap girl, word got around, yes i was chasticed, which basically is they tell you how it is. they dont Sugar Coat it. Think of it like God, he wont sugar coat it. point is, they LOVE SOULS SOOOOO MUCH that they still let me attend the church and everything, EVEN after i was hitting on a short term that came back with us after the world camp, then they sat me down and chasticed me again because they dont want the church to be corrupted by flesh obviously, they said i maybe kicked it according the bible, but i wasnt ever kicked out because they believed i wasnt saved (i wasnt), and the bible in corenthines does state for a church to kick a brother out if he continues to sin inside the church, so you kick him out to let him see how devistating for himself what he is doing so that one day he can return to the church.,

    btw they let me continue coming, and over time they let me and the girl talk after a couple months.

    its no cult, but they are judgemental, they dont know 100% if someone even inside there own church is saved, just like any other church, they do believe that only Jesus knows 100% others hearts, but threw fellowship with one another and the hearts connect on the same level with God, you can have a PRETTY good assumption, listen carefully, i said hearts connect on God. Not by watching and listening to there actions.

    sure actions speak louder then words. but hearts speak louder then action. think about it in Gods eyes.

    • John Says:

      Hey Bruce. I enjoyed reading your post. I can see you just got into this church recently and so far you have a very positive experience there. I also attended that church for close to 13 years. So I know quite a lot about the church and how everything operates there. But let me tell you something. That initial positive experience you are having with this church will soon enough turn into a very negative experience. Personally I believe Pastor Park changed into man that is more focused on growing an empire rather than focusing primarily on God. Notice how they constantly mention about how they are going to purchase a new church, new building, or they need money for hotels etc. Well…. Biblically speaking, YOU DON’T NEED BUILDING, YOU DONT NEED NEW CHURCHES, YOU DONT NEED FOR HOTELS. To preach the word of God. Tell me, isn’t the word of God all we need to receive salvation? Are we underestimating the power of the word of God? A true Christian needs only a BIBLE, and to PREACH THE WORDS TO PEOPLE ON THE STREET. They don’t need Buidlings, unnecessary festivals like ? Cantata, They don’t need the book “Secret of Forgivness of sin and being born again”. and they don’t need the controlling pastor telling them how to live their lives. Read the Bible precisely and all the answers will come out.
      If you are from the Dallas Church, I assume you have pastor Moon as your pastor. I also had that pastor at one point. He’s a decent man, but he too is fooled by the corrupt institution of GNM church. Bruce, you are truly fooled, and you are trying to convince yourself that you are in a church that cares only about God. But you are only being brainwashed. God dislikes idol worshipping. And clearly the GNM church is idol worshipping pastor Park. Do you ever wonder why at every single sermon they mention pastor Park? Well….. isn’t it obvious. They’re trying to over elevate his status. Sooner or later, it’s gonna all about what Pastor Park says, rather than what is written in the scriptures..

  96. bruce Says:

    also, our pastor only gets 500 dollars a month. these comments make it sound like the pastor is getting money. all the money the church gets is recorded, along with the fiances, and are said by Deacon Chris at the end of sunday nights i believe

    and pastors now are required to go on a week long no money witnessing. relying 100% on God for there wife and family included. The world things will think its crazy. i do haha, but you know what i find even more crazier, every pastor thats done it has told me an amazing testimony, and i hadnt heard of any pastor dying from it, which tells you one thing, God did provide! AMEN!

    you guys can agree or not, i attend the church but im just a believe in Christ, i judged there church alot going, but after months and openness i let it happen. btw im NOT brainwashed..

    im still stuck in this body of flesh and it still wants to sin, BUT ITS NOT ME BABY ITS SIN IN ME.. and i have FAITH that God will save me from this weed, stealing, sex.. no, NOT help, but SAVE me, i cant be helped, i need that savior.

    maybe it just takes someone thats been so deep in the Worlds flesh to understand this.. actually not even, it just takes to be chosen by God to understand and to have an open heart

  97. bruce Says:

    pastor oak soo park is RICH by his books, but he spends ALLLLL his time praying and preaching and traveling to preach more and preach and preach and spread the word.. the dude is like 80 years old too like HOLY MOLY! i mean… he needs to retire but God has his heart stirred up.. he dont need to “trick” people by giving money to the church… he gets money from his books. my guess is blessed by God because he uses the money for God. he now gives his books away like you say. why does he care about money? he cares about God.. this world, it will all burn one day.

  98. bruce Says:

    think of it like Charles Stanley age, but traveling aroudn the world preaching to places in amerca, korea, africa, EVEN TO leopards, he said that at World Camp San Diego 2012 i believe

    • John Says:

      The GNM church originally was established with the American missionary named Dick York and few others. Dick York, the man who brought salvation to Korea and taught the korean brothers like Pastor Park. Has stated that the GNM church has turned into a cult and has been more focused on doing yearly retreats and conferences. You gotta understand, that these are the people that first taught Pastor Park, before he even knew anything about the Bible. And Pastor Park also claimed that he was given the title of a pastor by Dick York, and when Dick York never gave him the title at all. In “Shield of Faith Mission” ran by Dick York, there are no pastors. In fact people call him brother Dick York. Yet Pastor Park lied to everyone that he was promoted to a pastor by Dick York… TELL ME DOES A SERVANT OF GOD WOULD LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS? A true servant of God should not lie about something like this. Now they recently got rid of their profile of dick york and replaced with some other minister.. These are lies are lies… The people have never truly spoken the truth..
      You are an adult and i can’t force you to leave the church. And you have the rights to attend this church if that’s what you want.. But for HEAVEN’S SAKES… DO SOME RESEARCH. AND DON’T JUST BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE PASTOR TELLS LIKE YOU LIKE A MINDLESS SHEEP. You are only being treated kindly as a sheep so that they can eventually slaughter you and have you for dinner.. Clearly, the methods by this church is not from God, and they are humanistic. THERE IS NO GOD IN THE GNM CHURCH. I repeat THERE IS NO GOD IN THE GNM CHURCH”.. If I tell you this most likely, the GNM church will tell you that I’m crazy, or that I left because I was bitter. Notice the pastors in the church doesn’t have the guts to challenge me 1v1 biblically. They are just a member of Pastor Park ambitious plan to grow the church, increase retreats, and conferences, buy up more buildings, do more festivals, and constantly chastize people 1 by 1, so they can turn them into mindless sheeps likeyou! I know I sound harsh, but you seriously need to wake up! I learned the hard way. But you can escape this church with minimal pain and suffering.

  99. bruce Says:

    btw, Christians was first a discrimant term in the apostles time, and refured to as a cult to the rest of the World. Satin comes in false light (revolution).

  100. John Says:

    guyz, if u don’t agree with the belief in GNM it’s all your right. even to speak it’s your right. but remember if you were to criticize each and every denomination around the world you will speak endlessly

    • John (1st) Says:

      Just to avoid confusion the “John” that posted the comment above me is some other John. I’m the guy that was leaving comments exposing the GNM church.

  101. John (1st) Says:

    The “John” above me said “if you were to criticize each and every denomination around the world you will speak endlessly”.. I have no idea why he said this. Because the only church we were criticizing(and rightfully so) was the GNM church. In fact this whole blog was regarding the GNM church. So i honestly what he’s talking about.
    Lastly, if we don’t expose the truth for what it is, than we are nothing more than mindless sheeps that listens to whatever other people tell us. That’s the first step of becoming a zombie. If the religion or institution truly does have the truth, than criticism would not be a problem. Because the truth always prevails, and the one criticizing will only look like a fool. But the person above me “John” obviously doesn’t want that.
    Lets keep exposing false things for what it is, and stop living like bunch of mindless sheeps.. And although I had no intention of exposing other churches. I think i will from now on. Since most churches are corrupted. In fact, church itself has grown into a business..

  102. Carly Says:

    I don’t know if you still use this blog, but my husband and I recently left Good News Mission. I’m looking for other people who went there and left, and thinking of trying to start a support group on Facebook or something. If you can, please contact me!

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