A sad story part 1

I know yesterday that I said that I was going to post about what led me out of this cult, but I feel more led to share a sad story.

As I have said, when I came to this cult I came with 3 other people. After about a month when I left, I decided to go with a very close friend of mine to speak with the two friends that remained (one was my wife of the three and she left a few days before I did). We drove about 2 hours to go and see if we could make contact with them. When we got there, we were trying to see if we could contact them on the phone as I did not really want to go into this place. However, I could not get a hold of him and it had been several weeks, it almost seemed as if they had cut off communications with the “outside world.”

So I was about to just go in and speak to them with my friend, when the phone rang and it was my friend. He said that he was now in another city which from our current location was about 6 hours away.

I told him that we would like to come and see him so he said,
“Yeah that would be great!”

However, I felt as if something was not right, it almost seemed as if my friend, whom I had been friends with now for about 5 or 6 years, was dead so to speak.

So we decided to go first to where we were staying since we would pass by there anyway and decide if we should go there or not and do some prayer.

My friend and I eventually both felt like God was telling us the situation was dire enough to go and talk to them. This was based on the brief conversation I had with him on the phone, as well as some emails that were sent. So we made some coffee and got on the road at 4 am as when we left the first city, it was about 11 pm, which put us in our hometown about 2 am, and we did rest a little, but we hit the road by about 4 am, and it was about a 4-5 hour drive.

When we got to the house we had people in our church and people we know in general begin to pray. It was about 9:30 when we arrived.

God provided a high school parking lot across from the place where the “cult” house was in this city. We spent about an hour praying. We planned on telling them if they want to leave with us, they could. But at the very least we wanted to get the message across that if they suddenly felt they wanted to leave, we could provide them housing for a while and we could get there as soon as they let us know.

So after about an hour, I began to ask God if I should go, and then I moved to I am going unless you speak to my heart that I should continue to wait and pray even if this was placed on my heart prior to knocking on the door… we would go back and continue to pray.

So we got to the door and then they opened the door and invited us in… I could be mistaken but I think it was the pastor’s wife who let us in(keep this in mind for later but its also not a major point).

The only verse that was going through my mind was 1 John 4:18 which says perfect love has no fear.

So I greeted my two friends, and at this point the pastor came over to us and stood in between them. He just glared at me with a very cocky look on his face.

I knew there was going to be a confrontation between me and him, so I quickly said in my mind, “God give me strength.”

So I said to my friends, “How about we go out and walk and talk or go get coffee?”

Now before going on I would like to say that when I left, I accidentally grabbed the wrong shoes in the house I was staying at. There were several reasons for this:
1. My shoes looked identical to the ones I grabbed.
2. It was 4 am when I left and it was dark and I did not want to turn on a light
3. I was in such a panic from the fear I had of this cult.
I will admit I probably should have been more careful, but oh well.

So after asking my question, the pastor felt like he should jump in and ask:

Pastor:I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Me: Why do you say that?
Pastor:Why did you come?
Me: to see my friends.
Pastor:Did were you invited you to MY church?
Me: YOUR Church?
Pastor: Yes did we invite you to MY church
Me: YOUR church? actually I was invited by my friend there and someone here opened the door and invited us in.
Pastor: Well I did not invite you to MY church. Why are you here?
Me: YOUR church… again, I came here to see my friends.
(by this point the pastor began to get my hints I was getting at with the MY church and YOUR church, because I know at the Good News Mission, the pastors are not supposed to think of their church they preach at as a “MY church”.)
Pastor: Well that isn’t going to happen.
Me: who are you to answer… they are 18 are they not, they are adults.
Pastor: You left us, and you are not welcome. you took (someone’s) shoes.
Me: I accidentally grabbed the wrong ones since they look identical.
Pastor: well you need to go apologize to that church then you can come here.
Me: If I see the person I will apologize to him, but why should I apologize to the church?
Pastor: You left it
Me: I thought I could leave at anytime?
Pastor: you took the shoes
At this point my friend who had been listening intently picked up the shoes that I had taken off as in Korean houses you usually take off the shoes when you enter a house).
Friend: so there is nothing between him and you guys, here are the shoes
(and he placed them in front of the pastor).
Friend: and may I just say that I have been talking a lot with my friend the last few weeks and he was so scarred of you and your church that he just fled at 4 am and was in that much of a panic that he just grabbed the wrong shoes.
Me: have you never made a mistake?
Pastor: not really.
Me: well let me say this, you promote a lot of fear in this church… Look at my friends they are to scarred to do anything due to you, and 1 John 4:18 says that perfect love has no fear, and you promote fear.
Pastor: Get out of my house!!!
Friend: (to my friends) I have keys and a car outside, we will be there for a while and we can take you back to your friends and family who truly love and care about you.
Me: Who should you trust? Me or this guy you have known about a month now (as we were going out the door).

So we then went across the street. I was barefoot. My friend offered his shoes to me but I said no thanks, I would fight this battle now with out shoes.

Part 2 coming tomorrow…

5 Responses to “A sad story part 1”

  1. Dust in the Wind Says:

    In this Part 1 I can see they value a shoe over a soul. If that pastor said “My church” deep inside he claims it is his own, and he knows well it is temporary to his use. They use a piece of property that is not of their own pockets. Recognition from Pastor Park and his staff is a key to show their missionary work reports RESULTS and progress. They are not fully thankful for the toil of sweat and tears on the purchase or building of property coming from other’s pockets. They can say all the Hallelujahs they want that God provided them what they needed. Is it justifiable to put other’s pockets in or change jobs constantly to meet the church’s finances and goals? I know some are incapable to meeting the criteria and then labeled Grade-A-No-Faith.

    • Dust in the Wind Says:

      my bad it meant “debt” in the last part.

      “Is it justifiable to put other’s pockets in DEBT or change jobs constantly to meet the church’s finances and goals? I know some are incapable to meeting the criteria and then labeled Grade-A-No-Faith.

  2. Jessie Says:

    Trust me, it’s all about showing the “higher ups” that they are doing their jobs. If they do not bring the results such as more church members to bible retreats or $…they will be looked down upon in the seminary group. In effect they will push church members into paying more and they will push members into spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to fly to IYF retreats etc. It’s all image.

    I’ve seen it and I was immediately turned off. Something about it shouts “PHONY!”

  3. Petra Says:

    I believe all is true. Because I know the story of a pastor in Germany and one in Russia who left Good News Mission, because they saw that the GNM left the right way. They wanted to warn Ock Soo Park, but he kicked them out of the church. And in Russia the building was also more important for him than the souls. The story would be very long if I would write all, but I am also happy that I left this GNM after 15 years!!

    • Alex Says:

      Dear friends,
      At least here I found something about this bloody cult. My husband is deeply involved, he is a businessmen in Russia. He has been with them for about three years. At first I thought he is a big boy, now 45, he knows what to do. But now I understand that I was wrong. He spends all Sundays there and other times. I was intensely invited too, but I am a suspicious person to all sort of mass actions. Culturally and traditionally I am an orthodox Christian although don’t often go to church. He doesn’t care much about our youngest son, who is 13, but sponsors IYF etc… What worries me now is his promoting of their Unhwa products, which seems to me some sort of fake. They claim that these super products are based on extraordinary discovery of preserving plant stem cells. But I doubt that a company which was established in 2005 could have gone such a long way from a discovery to a mass production. Besides, I couldn’t find any reliable scientific proof of their “discovery”. Otherwise they should have had a Nobel Prize. Does anybody know on the matter?

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